Syria: A Place Where The Government Executed 49 Children


49 children were executed by knife attacks and close range gunfire in the Village of Houla.

Syria has not gone untouched by the Arab Spring that began in Tunisia in December of 2010. Yet it appears that the violence occurring in Syria is the most brutal thus far.

The regime, led by Bashar al-assad and family, is fighting for its survival. At any cost.

The Houla Massacre

Since the Syrian uprising began in the Spring of 2011, there have been numerous reports of shocking atrocities committed by the regime against civilians, particularly children.  Reports of rebel human rights violations have also been noted. 

It now seems that at the Syrian regime is intentionally murdering and torturing children. Last week, more than 100 civilians were murdered in the village of Houla, Syria. Of those victims, UN observers have stated that 49 children and 34 women.

Even worst is that most of the murders were committed “by close-range gunfire or knife attacks.” Witnesses have stated that those responsible for the deaths were pro-government shabiha militiamen. The regime blames it on “terrorists.”  In a place undergoing such strife as Syria, it is impossible to verify who exactly is responsible for what, but what evidence is available clearly supports the former theory.

How can a someone stab a child to death? How can someone shoot a child to death at close range? What happened at Houla is so evil it cannot be described by words. It cannot be rationally explained. It is an aberration and something must be done to stop it.

Intervention is clearly a risk, and would largely be the responsibility of the United States, given that the two other super powers in the World, China and Russia, share something in common with Syria: a demonstrated willingness to murder their own people on a mass scale.

Nevertheless, I take the saying of “NEVER AGAIN” seriously, and cannot sit by idly while innocent children are being mowed down by the devil.


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