Immigration and Customs Enforcement: Destroying Families Since Its Inception.


She is 10-years-old, a part of a happy family. But not for long.

At dawn one day,  loud knocks violently shake her out of sleep. She then hears shouts  of “Open up! Police!” Her mother opens the door and several men and women–the word POLICE emblazoned on their windbreakers–arrest her mother, taking her away in a windowless van.  The girl is left alone in her house. The police do not explain to the girl why they are taking her mother away. They just act. They are well-programmed machines, unable to see that their actions are objectively abominable.

In this instance, the “police” are not what one would normally think of as police. They are agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They have the authority to arrest and detain individuals who are not “criminals.” As a result of  ICE’s power to enforce civil immigration laws, this girl’s story is replicated on a daily basis.

It is easy to dismiss ICE’s actions as just “enforcing” the law. But to truly take a side, one must experience the effects of those actions. Naturally, most humans prefer to avoid reality when it is uncompromisingly brutal. Thus, the American public allows ICE to continue to purport that there is any “integrity” left within the enforcement of immigration law to maintain. There is not.


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