The Kafkaesque World of Immigration


A fresh breeze swirls upon my face under a spotless blue sky. I am free to do what I please, for I was born in the United States and am thus imbued not with rights but with supreme privileges.

There are no inalienable rights, as us Americans have been indoctrinated to believe from a young age. This can be seen from how our government treats those unlucky enough to be present in the U.S. without the golden ticket of citizenship.

Doubtful?  Look at the illogical and unjust case of Prerna Lal, a law student at George Washington University who was recently issued a Notice to Appear in removal(i.e. deportation) proceedings.

From the source:

 I was sent here alone in December 1998 for a visit. Then, my father lost his job and on the spur of the moment, dragged me here on a visitor visa in November 1999 and placed me in a random high school on an approved F-2 visa

The finer details can be found at Prerna’s blog. Within the United States, Prerna is the only member of her family who does not have legal status. She is also the most accomplished in her family. Yet the United States Government wants her gone.

Under Barack Obama’s administration, bureaucracy has mushroomed to dizzying heights, especially in the immigration enforcement arena. Over and over again we hear the president harp on about how he is dedicated to comprehensive immigration reform. He oozes slick words of how great it would be to pass the Dream Act.  Of course, he’s full of shit.

If Barack Obama wanted to, he could issue the following directive  to John Morton, the head of ICE : “If any Dream-act eligible students are put into removal proceedings, administratively close them for the foreseeable future in the event that the Dream Act becomes law.” This will not happen and here is why:

Behind our president’s smooth rhetoric is a pure populist, a leader who leads based purely on what acts will lead to more votes in the next election. Even assuming the absence of the lead-by-vote motivation post-2012, it is likely that Obama will still pander to the core interests of the Democratic party: to continue holding the presidency beyond 2018.

While the elite twins of power exchange largely meaningless barbs, real people, just like Prerna Lal, are threatened with family separation, detention, heartbreak, and  in many instances a final destination of destitution.

Right now, it is hard to muster up any genuine hope for positive reform to the Kafkaesque world of immigration. Sadly, those for reform are forced to defend rather than attack. Despite the grimness of it all, the battle for justice will continue to be waged, even if victories are elusive. There is no other choice.


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  1. Liquid Reigns Says:

    I responded back to your comment on VivirLatino, man up and lets see what you got since all you have so far is poor attempt at discrediting me.

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