Reflecting upon 2010


2010 has been an eventful year, for myself and for the world. I graduated from Law School, passed the New York State Bar Exam, and have kept abreast of the impossibly fast and confusing world by attacking it through words written in this space.

If you have not yet figured it out, my mind’s absorption and analysis of the world tends to be in a constant state of flux. Although I cannot ascribe my current stature in this world–an individual who has more opportunity than most in this world–to a concrete source other than luck, there are a few honorable mentions.

The Russian Princess

Otherwise known as my girlfriend, Katya has stuck by and supported me through many tough times despite my bouts of irrationality, idolatry of Santa Claus, and world-saving diatribes. You are, indeed, the most fabulous.

The Immediate Family

Mom and Pop consider me to be a traitorous liberal and do not particularly care for the principal area of law that I am interested in(Immigration), yet underneath all the rhetoric, they have always invariably supported me in what I want to do.

A Professor and My Future Secretary

I believed(and still do to an extent) that Law School was a great charade designed to sacrifice quality attorney training for profit and power . Until I worked to save two lives for Hofstra’s Political Asylum Clinic. I am forever grateful for that experience and the path that it will undoubtedly keep me tied to.

The Blogging World

Writing this blog has created another dimension in my life. First, thanks goes out to those that read this blog. If you do not write publicly, know that writing becomes amplified when it is read. Simply put, it feels good to know that the time invested is not in vain.

Second thanks goes to others that write. Without the immense source material provided by thousands, if not millions, of other bloggers, journalists, etc, this blog would be less than it is.

Have a Happy New Year

Life is a countless barrage of events, a collage that refuses to stop producing new additions. As this year draws to an end,  I am, overall, content with what life has thrown my way, or vice versa(depending on celestial knowledge that I have yet to get my hands on).

In 2011, I hope that  life, and the world that provides it, acts more kindly upon the millions of other people whom have suffered insufferably. Happy New Year!







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