Governor Haley Barbour’s Double Speak on Immigration


Republican Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi has been lauded in some circles(including right here on this blog), for his common sense, anti-GOP establishment stance on immigration. To wit, he said in an interview that:

A lot of this is just common sense, and common sense tells us we’re not gonna take ten or twelve or fourteen million people [currently here illegally] and put them in jail and deport them. We’re not gonna do it, and we need to quit—some people need to quit acting like we are, and let’s talk about real solutions.

Yet Governor Barbour lauded Arizona’s SB1070 as good policy. The Arizona immigration law is attrition through enforcement, which is the closest to rounding up and deporting that reality in the United States will allow for the foreseeable future.

Thus, Governor Barbour endorsed what his own words painted as an impractical solution.

Perhaps I am being too picky; after all, Barbour is a Republican who has White House aspirations. To have a chance in the rampant tea party atmosphere in U.S. politics, Barbour would have to modify his positions so as to best comport with the Republican demographics’ position on immigration, a position wrapped in strident anti-immigrant hysteria.

But if President Obama is any indication of post-campaign politics, perhaps Barbour will go back on his words as well.


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