Anarchy or Big Government? The Latter, Please.


If you are unfortunate enough to have engaged in the hackneyed socialism v. capitalism argument, you are not alone. I get dragged into it all the time, at my doing and that of others.

The simplistic solution of one type of “system” against another invariably ignores the intractable scourge of modern human society: that of the human ability to amass  power  irrespective of abstract solutions to the contrary.

Enter a place where arguably no controls exist, a laissez-fair to die for: Guatemala, where over 96 percent of homicides in Guatemala go unsolved. Worse, the murder rate more than triples that of Mexico.

For some context, in 2007 the percentage of unsolved murders in the United States was 39.

Apparently, the impunity that threatens to tumble Guatemala into pure anarchy was(still is) so bad as to be out of the control of the nation’s elite; three years ago, Guatemala called in UN prosecutors to address the almost complete impunity with which humans extinguished other humans.

Many businessman along with a former vice president have accused the UN commission of reaching over its mandate and want the commission be under local political control. The director of the commission, former Costa Rican attorney general Francisco Dall’Anese, is adamant in his advocacy against putting it under local control, stating:

Anyone who tries to halt the commission’s work, he said during a public forum in Panama on Oct. 26, is apt to regret it.

Regardless of the future of the commission, Guatemala is still very close to being a failed state. A failed state where no one is safe, not even the richest of the rich. Now that is a free market.

Death is one if if not the greatest force of oppression.

Freedom of speech, for example, means nothing without a government to protect one from being killed because of the exercise of speech. What kind of place, then, would one rather live in: a place like Cuba or Guatemala?  Of course, being a privileged U.S. citizen, I am not able to answer that question in an adequate manner, but it still should be asked.

The stale environs of ideological speech should be concretely shattered by an honest look into what this world is and how humans manipulate it for power in such a manner as to render society as a whole untenable.

In the United States, the great majority of us likely cannot fathom or think possible that our lives could be like those of so many Guatemalans: living in not only poverty, but in the noxious shadow that imminent death casts upon them on a daily basis.

The U.S. is not immune from human nature, and our current prognosis is ugly; two parties battle stridently for what they believe is “right”.  The GOP believes(ostensibly) that a smaller federal government will be a magical salve to every issue that society faces and the Democrats believe that(again, ostensibly) that they can somehow tame the growing bureaucratic apparatus. In either party scenario, people will get their power and try their utmost to increase it at the expense of the rest.

To prevent the latter is to prevent the impossible, yet it must be addressed and no one will do it.






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