Rand Paul: An Enemy of Human Rights


Many people believe that the new wave of Republicans swarming into the House will work miracles in cutting down the ever-growing bureaucratic monster otherwise known as the Federal government. Yet the “new” wave, in particular its poster boy Rand Paul, are indistinguishable from the traditional GOP insofar is it relates to one major issue: Immigration.

In fact, Rand Paul’s view on the Arizona immigration law is typically a skirting-the-issue political soundbite:

Much has been made of the recent Arizona law.   Let me start by saying the following:

I support local solutions to illegal immigration as protected by the 10th amendment.  Clearly, state and local government believe they must take these matters into their own hands, because of the federal government failure, and I support their right to do so.

I support laws that allow immigration status to be checked as a secondary issue, meaning, if a person has been stopped for some other valid reason.   I support the full enforcement of federal immigration laws, be it by federal or state law enforcement.

Rand Paul ignores the yet-to-be  overturned federal court  finding that SB1070 was likely to be found unconstitutional, partly due to the fact that the law would detain individuals for unconstitutionally long periods of time. But this convenient ignorance of the concrete, severe ills that are associated with a law like sb1070 make sense given what other outrageous things Paul has said:

We must get serious about our border security, and I have a concrete plan to do so:  My plan includes an underground electric fence, with helicopter stations to respond quickly to breaches of the border.(emphasis added)

Paul fails to ascertain whether that electric fence would be lethal.  Assuming that the electric fence would have to be lethal or close to it for it to be effective, one may conclude that Rand Paul believes these millions of “illegals” are such a threat that it justifies widespread murder.

In fact, in most American jurisdictions (if not all), a person may not defend their property with a lethal automatic defense, such as a guard dog or automatic weapon firing upon notification of a breach.

Rand Paul also reveals he has no workable solution to meaningful comprehensive immigration reform, stating “I do not support amnesty in any form”. Thus, Rand Paul just wants to deport them all, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that this is not possible and that Immigration Enforcement in its current form violates the constitutional rights of citizens, residents, and undocumented alike.

In his final bit of unfounded conspiracy theory, Paul tries to draw a connection between his obsession against the “welfare state” and undocmented immigration, stating:

We will not truly solve the illegal immigration problem if we continue to give too great an incentive for illegal immigrants to cross our borders seeking these handouts.

Working for a low wage is not a hand out, so we are left to ponder what “handouts” Mr. Paul is referring to. One of them must be the 14th amendment’s provision granting any person born in the United States citizenship. Yes, Mr. Paul ascribes to the theory that one of the central reasons immigrants come here illegally is to have a baby and thus extract all sorts of evil government handouts for that baby.

But let’s be real–many, if not the majority or most–of immigrants’ primary motives for coming to the United States is simply to work for wages, without any thought of signing up for medicaid, or some such other thing that they are not eligible for.

In essence, Rand Paul claims that the Federal government has failed to act and that is why he believes states like Arizona should be able to do whatever they please regarding immigration. Ironically, one of the central reasons why the federal government has failed to act is precisely because of the illogical, stubborn and anti-human rights/constitution stance of people like himself.

To those who have warm feelings for people like Rand Paul: he’s nothing but a False Prophet.


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