Democrats & Republicans contribute to persecution on account of being a prostitute


Our political establishment–at least the two major parties–will likely never seriously consider a nationwide legalization of prostitution. Therefore, they contribute to the persecution of a forgotten population, the women(and men, in some instances) that make a living, or earn side income, as a prostitute.

At on the topic of prostitution, the case for legalizing prostitution becomes clear.

There are three quotes for(Pro) and against(Con) legalizing prostitution. The Con side is revealing in what it does not say. Melissa Farley, a purported expert, argues that since the occupation of prostitution inherently exposes the person practicing it to rape, that it is not possible to protect them:

It is a cruel lie to suggest that decriminalization or legalization will protect anyone in prostitution.

Another commentator, Anastasia Volkonsky, JD, claims that since working conditions in brothels in Nevada are so horrendous, legalization would do nothing to protect the workers from crimes because brothel owners will cover up the crimes.

Standing Against Global Exploitation(SAGE) provides the weakest argument:

[L]egalization actually makes it more difficult to prosecute rapists, perpetrators, and traffickers…When sexual exploitation is legalized, sexual abusers can use excuses like, ‘she’s just a ho who wanted more money’ to discredit anyone in the sex industries who tries to get legal support.”

All three of the CON arguments omit the strongest PRO argument: under the current system, criminals can and do kill prostitutes with impunity. The crime of homicide is the ultimate danger, for it is insurmountable once done.

The criminalization of prostitution creates a divide between prostitutes and police. Since prostitution is illegal, if a woman or man is in fear of their life from a client, it is unreasonable–even dangerous–for that prostitute to request protection from an authority that is mandated to arrest and prosecute the activity from whence the fear arose in the first place.

Journalist Melanie Reid states it best:

Until prostitution is legalized, these women will continue to toil down on the ocean floor, miles away from the light, in constant fear of predators.”

The current U.S. system incentivizes homicide of who knows how many women and men. And once impunity becomes pervasive, the fate of many becomes blurred at best or more likely forgotten forever.

This is the case in the United States. And no mainstream candidates seem to really care.

Moral Superiority Contributes

On Long Island, where I live, the recent murders/dissapperances of prostitutes have been ignored in the press. On the other hand, the murder of a school teacher plastered the front pages of the largest newspaper, Newsday.

Jaclyn Gallucci of the Long Island Press, a small publication, wrote an excellent article revealing the blanket of silence that has muffled the disappearance of Megan Waterman and the murders of Jennifer Papain and Jessica Taylor.

The killer of Jessica Taylor remains at large, and Megan Waterman has not been seen since June 6th.

Jessica Taylor, a prostitute from Washington State found nude, headless and handless on a deserted access road in the Manorville area of the Pine Barrens in 2003,…She was 20 years old, and her murder remains unsolved.

The apprehension of the suspect in the murder of Jennifer Papain, from what news sources are available, seems to have been a stroke of luck. In an abc article, the suspect, Chad Johnson, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, patronizing a prostitute, aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and unlawful possession of marijuana, which seems to indicate that he was randomly pulled over. Regardless, Johnson admitted to the murder and led the police Jennifer’s grave. Without the suspect’s cooperation, the case could have been left unsolved.

In all these cases, the common denominator is summed up well by Jaclyn Gallucci:

…many who hear about cases like those of Waterman and Papain dismissively shake their heads, time and time again, believing that these women, by the nature of their lifestyles, somehow “asked for it” or “had it coming.”

When the supreme law of the land endorses the moral condemnation of prostitution, an inevitable consequence is that when a prostitute is a victim of a crime, even the never-justifiable one of homicide, there will be a default balancing test of “well, she was breaking the law, and therefore I need not be as concerned for her murder as that of an upstanding citizen, like schoolteacher Leah Walsh.”

Murder is murder, regardless of who the victim was. Community cooperation with law enforcement is an integral component bringing the perpetrator of a crime to justice and thus by example preventing similar crimes in the future.

When the public dismisses the murder of a prostitute, the likelihood of justice prevailing decreases significantly. The cycle thereafter is allowed to come full circle, sweeping away the lives of those that matter as equally as the most saintly citizens amongst us.

To ensure that the more important public purpose of preventing murder is fulfilled, our elected officials must legalize prostitution. In fact, if prostitution had been legalized, perhaps Megan Waterman would not be missing  as of this being written.

If you get the chance to question a candidate running for office, ask them: “criminalization of prostitution allows humans to be murdered and/or disappeared with impunity, so why have you not even made it a part of your platform? “


We ask the public to please continue to look for Megan Waterman or to come forward if you have any information on who may hold the information to point the police to Megan Waterman.
Height: 5’5”
Hair:Brown or bleached blond
Birthmark:inside of forearm and on right side of face
Tattoos:Upper Left Arm: the name “Liette”
Lower Left Arm: the Capricorn horoscope sign
Lower Back: Tribal design with heart in center
If you have any info please contact: Scarborough Police Department at 207-883-6361, or their anonymous tip line at 207-730-4200, ext 3093, or the Suffolk County Police Department at 631-854-8400.


The family of missing Megan Waterman, 22, of Scarborough, Maine is announcing a benefit to raise funds for a Reward leading to information for the safe return of their daughter and mother.  Waterman went missing on June 06, 2010 from the Holiday Inn Express in Hauppauge, NY.   Waterman befriended a male from NY who, 11 months prior to her disappearance, coached her to become an escort.  Prior,  Ms. Waterman worked two jobs to support herself and her young daughter.  It is believed she has either been abducted and trafficked, or harm may have come to her. She would never just not make contact with her family and especially her daughter with whom she treasures.

The benefit is, as follows:

Spaghetti Supper and Silent Auction Benefit

Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Congregational Church

301 Cottage Road

S. Portland, Maine

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Sponsored by, LostNMissing Inc. of NH

Adults $6.00, Children $4.00 and under 3, free.

(There is no charge to media who attend- camera and press areas will be arranged)

Door Prizes, 50/50 Raffle, Dinner, Desserts and Live Entertainment-Family Friendly by “Doc Drinkwater”

A flyer of the benefit can be seen at :




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