Toll of War on Drugs ticks upward as this is written.


While Barack Obama, Eric Holder, California, and everyone in between bicker over the legalization of Marijuana, Mexico is aflame. Today’s home page in Mexico City Newspaper “El Universal” gives a glimpse as to the severity of the current War on Drugs:

Some of the stories on Mexico are titled as follows:

–Nayarit: 15 carwashers executed

— Senate formally reproaches U.S. government on drugs

–FCH: Criminals murder without mercy

–Colima’s commander of police executed

— Situation in Juarez: very troubling

–Police station attacked in Tamualipas: 8 injured

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. The War on Drugs is a proven failure; it has only succeeded in causing death and suffering, though it has been quite useful in propelling many an elected official to office.

When you go to vote, note that none of the mainstream candidates are serious about legalizing all drugs, which is the only avenue available to genuinely undermine the endemic violence pervasive in the streets of our southern neighbors, as well as in our own streets.

Also take note of who benefits from the current war on drugs. Gigantic corporations(think Military Contractors, for one). Deeply rooted financial interests should not take precedence over common sense and decency. Vote Libertarian!(only party serious about legalizing all drugs that are not insufferable leftists).





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