Cuba Criticizes & Reaffirms Mario Vargas Llosa’s Point


M.H. Lagarde, a cog in Cuba’s propaganda machine, criticized the recipients of the Nobel Peace and Literature Prize, Liu Xiaobo and Mario Vargas Llosa, respectively.

From the AP:

Lagarde compared Liu to the sort of dissidents here that Cuba’s government considers agents of Washington. “The curriculum vitae of Liu Xiaobo is, as a matter of fact, not the least bit different from the type of ‘dissident’ the United States has for decades employed.”

Commenting on Llosa,

Lagarde said that Vargas Llosa’s agreement “with the most-reactionary of the international right is as unquestionable as his silences on the unjust war brought by the United States against Iraq and tortures in the concentration camp of Guantanamo,”

This tactic is one of deflection, something the Cuban government does ad nauseum. Just because the United States has acted wrongly does not absolve Cuba from acting wrongly. The latter is very straightforward, yet there are many people that still buy into the implausible logic that Lagarde employs:

The U.S. is so evil and Cuba is so great that any Cuban who deigns to oppose the Castro regime MUST be a lackey of the infinitely evil Gringos.

The problem is that the facts surrounding dissidents overwhelmingly discredit the Cuba official line. So stop with the lukewarm positions on the Castro regime; condemn it wholly and demand an end to the total repression that Cubans experience daily.

Hugo Chavez also said a gem about Liu Xiaobo and Mario Vargas Llosa:

Another ally of Cuba and China, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, expressed solidarity with China on Sunday and criticized his country’s opposition media for alleging that Chinese failure to broadcast news of Liu’s award showed “the repressive character” of the government there.

“They are lackeys. They are worse than the Yankees,” he said of critics.

Right, everyone is a lackey. You are God. End of story.

Thank You, Mario Vargas Llosa and Liu Xiaobo for refusing to succumb to tyranny and calling it out for what it is when it raises its ugly head.



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