On immigration, Obama should be ousted in 2012


Barack Obama’s actions contradict his lofty words. Yesterday, his administration announced a record 392,000 deportations in the last fiscal year.

To put a positive spin on this number, officials stated that about half of those deported were convicted criminals, included sizeable numbers of murderers, sex offenders, drug offenders, and drunk drivers.

But can we even believe this statistic? Putting aside that half of those deported in the last fiscal year were presumably not criminals, there is compelling evidence showing the Obama administration has unlawfully concealed ICE’s actions.

On October 4, Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse(TRAC), accused ICE of withholding the following information in violation of the Freedom of Information Act(FOIA):

  • The location of the alien’s apprehension or arrest
  • The location(city, state, port) from which the alien was removed or departed this country
  • The detention facility where alien was last detained, or if still detained, the current detention facility
  • Nature of each previous criminal charge and its disposition(convicted, not convicted, pending, etc.)
  • Whether the alien is an “aggravated felon”
  • The nature of the formal removal charges
  • Marital status
  • Children/kinship

According to TRAC, ICE is hiding some very relevant data. Without the above data in the public’s grasp, we are forced to take the Obama administration’s unsubstantiated public announcements as the absolute truth.

Yesterday’s announcement of over half of those deported being “convicted criminals” is especially dubious in light of the fact that ICE is hiding the data which made up the basis for yesterday’s press release.*

Regardless of the scenario above,  Obama is responsible for the deportation of  196,000 humans who were not convicted criminals.

Mr. Obama has publicly stated that those 196,000 humans should be given a path to citizenship, yet he expelled them from the country.

It’s called saying one thing and doing another. Dishonesty. Lying to obtain the support of the Latino population and spitting in their face after he no longer needed them.

Wednesday’s announcement sheds even more of a bad light on the Obama administration. There have been claims that ICE is acting with such unprecedented fervor because  officials in ICE openly revolted against Obama directives. Yet Janet Napolitano beamed with pride at the deportation news, saying:

It has been another record-breaking year at ICE – one that has seen ICE enforce the law at record levels, and in sensible, firm and thoughtful ways.

Thus, it appears Obama fully on board with ICE’s amped up enforcement. It gets worse.

This week, Janet Napolitano announced that localities could not opt-out of the secure communities initiative, which requires that the fingerprints of anyone arrested(even if the arrest was bogus) be shared with ICE.

The requirement for the whole nation to participate in secure communities will undoubtedly lead to the deportation of many more immigrants who committed no crimes. Worse, it gives an incentive to rogue, politically-minded police officers to arrest individuals who “appear” to be an undocumented immigrant.

Also, secure communities will likely also lead to the wrongful deportation and/or detention of U.S. citizens and Legal Permanent Residents because it has a 5 percent rate of “false positives”.

Taken together, the concealment of ICE data, the record-breaking pace of deportations, and the soon-to-be universal secure communities program, Obama seems to be one of the most anti-immigrant presidents in recent memory. Two Republicans of recent history, George Bush and Ronald Reagan, did more for immigrants than Obama. Reagan pushed through legalization of millions of immigrants and Bush came close. Obama, on the other hand, just keeps on deporting and deporting people he purports to believe deserve an opportunity to live the American dream.

Perhaps come 2012, a Republican president is in order.

*It is not clear from what time period ICE is refusing to release data.




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One Response to “On immigration, Obama should be ousted in 2012”

  1. J Lesch is so Fresh! Says:

    Yeah, cause I’m sure a Republican president will be even better on immigration policy ….

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