U.S. and Euro socialists: fractured support for violation of human rights


Calling oneself a socialist is one thing; comporting one’s every world view to the label of socialist is entirely different. This phenomena–surrender of ownership of one’s own thoughts to a greater, nebulous cause–is not exclusive to the likes of socialism, yet the latter provides a clear example of it.

From my experience, amongst socialist leaning individuals, there are three different types of approaches to Cuba.

1. The “I know it’s wrong what Castro and co. has done and continues to do, but if I criticize Cuba’s government, I will undermine the stronger feelings I have against the imperialist activities of the United States”.

This type generally keeps mum. When confronted with compelling evidence that warrants an unequivocal condemnation of Castro, they will deflect and not acknowledge fully the evidence at hand. The first group has not succumbed to the phenomena of a lost ideological mind because they will not support nor condemn Castro.

2. The “I still believe in some sort of socialism, but Castro is an insufferable dictator and is not worthy of the flag he carries. ”

Two individuals I interact with on twitter–named brownboyrocks and redplebiscite–fit into this category. They were not overcome by the phenomena as described above, acknowledging that the Castro regime is what it is–a dictatorship that cares more for power than its own people.

In fact, after I argued with Redplebiscite, he published to his followers a link to Yoani Sanchez’s Generation Y blog, the main hub to find dissident bloggers in Cuba.

3. The “I support Castro because either a. I refuse to look at evidence of systemic violation of the most basic rights of the Cuban people or b. It’s the lesser of the evils.”

Many in this group, if not most, stridently condemn human rights abuses committed by the United States Government, both here and abroad, yet actively support similar or worse state-sponsored activity in places like Cuba.

To put it lightly, this glaring contradiction is inexcusable on both a moral and practical level. Propping up one oppressive system to counter another one is an act of futility; it has and will lead to equal or more severe levels of oppression. Cuba’s government, in fact, is by far the most directly oppressive of its own people in the western hemisphere. It owns them, tells them what is right, and ostracizes those that dare to buck the line with a variety of brutal methods, including but not limited to incarcerating its own people on account of political opinion.

This brings us to a person that, until proven otherwise, likely fits into this third catergory. I saw this quote from Jihadpunk77 on:

“anti-Semitism is wrong, Islamophobia is wrong. racism & bigotry against anyone based on their background is NEVER acceptable in my book.”

This quote caught my eye because I have come into close contact with people from both sides, particularly Israelis or Israeli-supporting Jews, many of whom have fully dehumanized the other with the aid of islamophobia and anti-semitism.

On Jihadpunk’s page, she describes herself as a socialist-anarchist. Whenever I see a person with promoting  socialist, human-rights oriented issues,  I check for their opinion on Cuba because it can reveal much about whether that person genuinely aspires to what they purport to or  is simply enamored with the alluring , cozy hearth of an ideology.

I found that Jihadpunk77 regularly re-publishes Cuba-state media, including reflections of Fidel Castro. In Cuba, there is no media but the State, whose official position on dissidents is that there are none; that all that claim being dissidents are paid agents of the United States.  Think about that for a moment.  It is impossible that there is NO dissent.

In fact, this year, one of those dissidents, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, died after fasting for more than 80 days to protest the abhorrent prison conditions he was forced to endure solely on account of his political opinion, one at odds with the Castro mantra.

In his death, the Cuba regime, as well as this third catergory of individuals, have done all they could to tarnish Tamayo’s life, calling him a common criminal, agent of the empire, and who knows what else. Good ‘ol fashioned obfuscation.

I asked Jihadpunk why she supported a regime that persecuted on account of political opinion yet was against other forms of persecution, such as on account of religion. I have yet to receive a response. For the interests of the furtherance of human rights everywhere,  I kindly request that Jihadpunk explain her support of the oppressive Cuban government.


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