Ciudad Juarez’s killing grounds expand to Guanajuato


You may have heard about the impunity with which women are shorn away from this world in the killing grounds of Ciudad Juarez. But in Guanajuato?

Mexico has never been a place known for law and order. But nowadays, with the ambitious and death-creating war on drugs, it appears that order is at the breaking point.

From El Universal:

This year there have been 31 femicides[in Guanajuato] with diverse indications of hate towards the victims, like torture, cutting off of extremities, mutilation, abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment of the bodies in the street, and some nude, informed Ángeles López García, director of the Victoria Diez Center for Human Rights.

Since 2006, there have been 171 similar cases. Estimates state that 80 percent of the perpetrators are not brought to justice.

U.S. Complicity

It is no secret that the Mexican and U.S. governments have purposely sparked a civil war within Mexico; the illicit drug business is melded to the body of the Mexican government and to break that link necessarily includes a great deal of violence.

In this effort, Mexico’s law enforcement resources  are likely targeted towards the  goal of winning the war on drugs. Thus, the day-to-day duties of law enforcement–such as solving non- drug-related  murders, rapes, robberies–are likely significantly undermined. This, then, breeds impunity and concurrently incentivizes wrongdoers to act. If given the opportunity to kill or rape without consequences, the dredges within humans flourish.

The femicides in Guanajuato are likely a direct consequence of the stepped U.S.-sponsored war on drugs in Mexico. Disturbingly, it is clear that what is happening in Mexico was quite foreseeable and thus in the eyes of the two governments the lives lost are nothing more than coldly calculated casualties of a war that cannot be won.

We, the U.S. government; the U.S. drug users, and those that deflect the woes of our time upon those that are not responsible, have a hand in the responsibility for these crimes against humanity.


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