John McCain: Flip Flopper Extraordinaire


John McCain(R): Incredulous when confronted with bald about-face

John McCain, it turns out, is as unapologetically a political animal than anyone else out there. In other words, he is a senator who values maintaining power more than he does governing with what he believes is best for the United States.

In 2005, 2006, and 2007, McCain was a co-sponsor of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act(DREAM act). This bill, succinctly, would create a path to legalization for thousands if not millions of individuals who, as minors, were brought to the U.S. without authorization, or brought through a visa but overstayed it. Those that would benefit would either have to attend college or join the military.

I support the DREAM act for several reasons, as did John McCain. But now the latter has allowed the winds of the political climate to reverse his position.

From his mouth:

…said Democrats were using the defense measure as a tool to push liberal agenda items in the runup to the midterm elections.

“So I intend to block it, unless they agree to remove these onerous provisions,” he said. […]

“It’s a pure political act for Harry Reid, who is worried about his own re-election and that of the Democrats in the Senate,” McCain said.

The agenda is not liberal; it simply does not comport with the extremely narrow, unrealistic GOP ideology on immigration

Earlier this year, John McCain disingenuously deflected his about-face to proponents of the Dream act:

We’re going to have to secure the borders first, and then enact comprehensive immigration, but the border has to be secured first

The border has been insecure for centuries and John McCain, as well as those that repeat “secure the border” religiously, do not ever give a concrete marker on what would be sufficient to deem the border “secure”.

The vaguenesses of the standard is likely due to the fact that McCain and co. know that the border will never be absolutely secure, and thus there will never be any comprehensive immigration reform, including the DREAM act, as long as it is politically beneficial to ride on the xenophobic anti-immigrant wave.

Thus, his words are another way of saying the more crudely crafted slogan of “No Amnesty, ever!”.

As it stands now, John McCain’s autobiography will need the following passage:

“I worked really hard for a practical reformation of our immigration system, but then I realized by doing that, I could lose power, for myself and the GOP. So I stopped working on immigration altogether to keep that power. You really would not believe how important power is to the ego, you know”.

Today, the Republican party has no principals; they do what they do to grab back the power lost in the 2008 elections. This includes a purposeful exacerbation of populist, unsubstantiated beliefs of the electorate as it relates to immigration reform.  John McCain is emblematic of the GOP of today: an abandonment of principals for power.

Instead of behaving in this intellectually lazy behavior, Republicans, as well as Democrats, should not echo and reinforce the popular sentiment of the time: they should try to convince the people of what they believe, as qualified public officials, is best for the nation as a whole. And that may not be a “winning” formula, but it is the right one. Otherwise, elected officials will be but a conduit for rule by mob.


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