Hugo Chavez: “I’m a feminist”


On September 26, Venezuelans will go to the polls to determine 167 seats of the National Assembly. Hugo Chavez’s position–as the president of Venezuela–is not at stake, yet he is campaigning with some vigor for his party, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela(PSUV). Here is a sample of Chavez’s campaigning, urging the female guardians of the revolution to demolish the opposition:

“I am a feminist and I fight and will continue to fight tirelessly, because the Venezuelan Woman occupies a place that she must occupy, in the heart, in the soul of our new homeland, of the socialist revolution…”

You all are more than female guardians of Chavez, which I accept. However, much more important is that you all conform and constitute fervent guardians of the socialist revolution, guardians of the homeland, but I also accept, guardians of Chavez, and I salute you with the utmost affection and respect…

We are going to demolish, operation demolition, is what has to be done, demolition.

Chavez then clarified that: “I am against personality cults”, which kind of contradicts the fact that he already twice mentioned, in the third person, that the female guardians were “guardians of Chavez”.

The problem with messianic figures is that they are human; they will die, if not lose power first, and where will Venezuela be when that happens? I’d surmise not a good place at all.


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One Response to “Hugo Chavez: “I’m a feminist””

  1. Dan Says:

    he just wants more mommies

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