U.S. Border Patrol defies rational thinking; deports U.S.C. who had copy of U.S. birth certificate


From the Houston Chronicle:

U.S. Border Patrol agents detained Delgado after a traffic stop in South Texas on June 17 and held him for eight hours, questioning him about his citizenship.

Delgado said he gave immigration agents a copy of his birth certificate showing he was born at Houston’s Ben Taub Hospital, a state of Texas identification card and a Social Security card.

But Delgado, who was raised in Mexico after his parents divorced, said immigration agents were suspicious of him because he did not speak English well, and insisted the paperwork he carried belonged to someone else.

Delgado said he eventually signed paperwork that resulted in his removal to Mexico because he wanted to be released from immigration custody, and thought he could fight his case from Houston.

Delgado spent about 85 days wrongfully exiled from the United States, a place where he has an absolute right to be. Rather than consider the overwhelming evidence of Delgado’s citizenship,  it appears the border patrol agents  blindly clutched at the unreliable fact that Delgado did not speak English instead.

From the facts given, it is like once they realized Delgado spoke poor English he could not have been here lawfully. That is flawed logic; many United States citizens speak poor or no English at all.

Delgado’s case is not an anomaly; some reports estimate that hundreds of U.S. citizens are deported every year, though  official numbers on this are  not tracked by the government(most likely to shield them from looking like monsters to any objective observer).

In the end, if you do not speak squeaky-clea n-English and appear to be “foreign”, you can be swept out of the U.S. for good, even if you have a birth certificate! Welcome to the U.S.A.


5 Responses to “U.S. Border Patrol defies rational thinking; deports U.S.C. who had copy of U.S. birth certificate”

  1. Liquid Says:

    Delgado’s parents have a Mexican birth certificate for him also, (how do you think he was enrolled in school in Mexico as a child?), which is what the BP have on record in their computers. His US birth certificate maybe real, but who in their right mind would forge a Mexican birth certificate?

    • bjohns15 Says:

      Is this the exiled liquid reigns speaking, the one who loves to skew every fact to comport with his anti-immigrant obsession?

    • SJR Says:

      His US birth certificate “maybe” real?? Really? Well, hell – in these trying times how do we know whose papers are in order? Mine, yours, John McCain’s, Grover from Sesame Street?

      Oh, you misspelled your name. It’s “dildo”. You’re welcome.

      • bjohns15 Says:

        haha. Mr. Liquid used to comment often here(like every day), until I caught him lying about several legal issues.

        He dresses his rhetoric up to give the untrained eye an impression of extensive knowledge, yet everything he says is tainted by a predetermined, narrow anti-immigrant ideology.

  2. bjohns15 Says:

    The only person that I delete is you. Goodbye.

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