Jeffrey Goldberg writes hagiography on Fidel Castro


Reporter Jeffrey Goldberg living it up with Fidel

This is how Atlantic reporter Jeffrey Goldberg began his series of articles on a recent long-winded interview he conducted with former dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro:

I was even more curious, however, to get a glimpse of the great man.(Emphasis added)

Great is an adjective that, in general, is used to describe things in a positive light.  Goldberg, in essence, is only serving as a platform for the ramblings of an old man, one who is still directly complicit in grave crimes against his own people. As I mentioned in a post earlier, the Cuban government is still repressing its opponents at a steady pace.

Nothing, in terms of freedom for the Cuban people, has been doled out by government actors; any advances have been the direct result of international pressure garnered by the burgeoning dissident movement, which has been fueled by the use of the internet as a means to oppose the one-party rule.

Making its way through the blogosphere is Goldberg’s second piece, with the catchy quote from Castro of “The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore”.  Goldberg was apparently astonished by this, and needed the interpretation of an “expert” on Cuba, Julia Sweig:

“He wasn’t rejecting the ideas of the Revolution. I took it to be an acknowledgment that under ‘the Cuban model’ the state has much too big a role in the economic life of the country.”

To Jeffrey Goldberg: Perhaps if Cuba was not ruled by a static group of ideologues for over 50 years, some other Cuban may have realized ages ago this “stunning” revelation of Fidel’s 50 years later.

But this visit to Castro, thus far, seems nothing more than a hagiographic adulation.

Goldberg snarkily lashes out at the U.S. government:  “but Americans are not allowed to participate in this free-market experiment because of our government’s hypocritical and stupidly self-defeating embargo policy.” yet fails to point out an axiom of conflicts: two to tango.

The Cuban government has been at the very least as stubborn and hypocritical in its dealings with the United States. Moreover, the Cuban government has been dominating its peoples’ lives with vacuous slogans for over 50 years and putting Cubans in prison for daring to buck those very slogans.

Instead of pointing this out, Goldberg gets taken away in the moment, enamored at being  introduced to Che Guevara’s dolphin veterinarian daughter, rambling inanities for roughly half the article.

Goldberg does mention at the end that in the next installment:

“I will deal with such issues as the American embargo, the status of religion in Cuba, the plight of political dissidents, and economic reform.”

But that should be the highlight, lifted up for everyone to see because everything ties back to the dissidents for more than the mere fact that they are dissidents; the latter represent the Cuban people because they act  for not ideas but for the concrete benefit of  Cubans being able to act without the absolute restraints of government that just now is realizing the Cuban model is not the answer.


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