President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, an Ideological twin of Chavez and Castro


Below I translated excerpts from the speech of Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua. It was given at the Second National Congress of the Sandinista Youth on July 19th, 2010.  Decide for yourself on merits of his speech.

“Who is the enemy? The enemy is the tyranny of world Capitalism. And then a guy or girl will ask us: bueno. And where is that tyranny, that I don’t see here, that I don’t feel here? How difficult is this model of exploitation! But it is that this model of exploitation had managed to establish demands upon the population, from the most humble people, in which the normal aspiration of a Human being to improve, to have better conditions of living…

The society of consumption sells illusions and says “Here there is liberty, liberty to consume. What does the democratic bourgeois say? Here there is liberty to make money; he who wants to can make money. Here there is liberty to buy a car, liberty to buy a T.V., liberty to travel, liberty to go on vacation…but how many nicaraguans have the resources to be able to enjoy that liberty? Very few. The majorty continue to remain prisoners of the new forms of domination that worldwide capitalism has established; they continue as prisoners, and above all in these countries the most impoverished…

Thus, that is the principal that  we have, and at times they ask us: the front has not changed. And surely those who ask you this and debate with you on this are those that are with the opposition, youngsters disoriented, who have unfortunately not been able to obtain conscience and with who we have to to, through debate,have to hope they will obtain concscience and we have to attract them. In other words, not liberate them with a destructive fight, but liberate them with a constructive fight, a persuasive one…

When will we have to leave the theme of fighting against poverty in our agenda? Whene there is no poverty in Nicaragua; the day that there is no poverty, we will no longer have to put it in our program, in our fight plan…the fight against poverty. And there will no need to put it in our agenda. But that is a principal that is maintained, independent of our will, because poverty is a result of the tyranny of capitalism.


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