Jan Brewer, Shut Up.


Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, who is running for re-election against Attorney General Terry Goddard, wrote a hapless, angry, and inaccurate letter to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Her argument is as follows:

The idea of our own American government submitting the duly enacted laws of a State of the United States to “review” by the United Nations is internationalism run amok and unconstitutional.

It’s full of irrelevent red herrings, as well, such as this bit:

Simply put, it is downright offensive that the U.S. State Department included the State of Arizona and S.B. 1070 in a report to the United Nations Council on Human Rights , whose members include such renowned human rights “champions” as Cuba and Libya.

A federal judge, independent of the executive branch, found that S.B.1070 would more likely than not cause individuals to detained for unconstitutionally excessive periods of time. Thus, it is far from “offensive” that the State Department accurately reported to the U.N. Council on Human Rights that S.B.1070 endangered Human Rights.

What is offensive is that Jan Brewer, a perpetrator of the foul S.B. 1070, is offended whenever anyone points out the foulness of S.B. 1070.

If you read the letter, you will note that it is rife with an angry, condescending, tone, which is not only not necessary but damaging for the purpose of persuading the person it is directed at.  Thus it’s fairly obvious that Brewer didn’t write the letter for Clinton but for her angry Arizonans in her shameless pursuit of prevailing in the election for Governor.


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