A Taste of the Novel I’m Working On.


Inconspicuously, Nelson was born in a jungle-shrouded village in Southern Colombia. His father tilled the land; his mother the home. His diminutive, atypical inflection–when it was used, at least, for he did not speak much–evoked worrisome emotions in the minds of his parents.

As Nelson grew up, his physical stature remained commensurate with his voice–small, soft, unmanly.

He did not enjoy sports; rather, he thrilled in what his two older sisters, Adriana and Nancy, did: played house, or with dolls.   Accordingly, he refused the harsh, physical lashing that the world doled out to those who worked the fields. His sisters loved him with ferocity, similar to how a mother bear so vigorously raises its young. His parents’ treatment of him contrasted sharply, which soon diverged to create an extraordinary odyssey: the life of Nelson Capdevilla.


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