Under Hugo Chavez, Murder Spikes Significantly.


Roberto Briceño León, Director of the ONG Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, released statistics on the rate of crimes of Venezuela in the past 11 years(which are the Chavez Years).

In the past 10 years, there has been a 134% increase in the rate of homicides in Venezuela.  To put that in more concrete terms, in 1998, there were 9000 homicides and in the current year, homicides are set to pass 20,000.

Homicide is not the only crime which as increased; kidnappings have gone up signficantly. In 1999, there were 44 reported kidnappings. In 2009, 795. That’s a 1,707 % increase.

To graphically portray the crime problem, the Venezuelan newspaper, El Nacional, published a front page cover story with a photo depicting homicide victims in the morgue. You can see it, here.(beware: it is disturbing).

Now, the government of Venezuela is investigating El Nacional for violating the moral and psychiatric well-being of children and adolescents, since the photos would allegedly induce terror in children whom happen to see them. But one has to ask: does not the high crime rate  create more terror than an image ever could?

Roberto Leon, the expert cited earlier, made a fine rebuttal:

The outrage from the published photo yesterday in El Nacional should not be against the image; rather, it should be against the reality and the violation of the fundamental rights of those that die in a violent manner.

But given that the government, at the very least, is partially responsible for the alarming rate of crimes, it is no surprise that instead of addressing the problem itself, it is embarking on an investigation of a newspaper that addressed the problem.


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