Taliban=Clear Enemy to Humans.


Two of the Ten doctors murdered by Taliban

From the New York Times:

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the murder of 10 medical personnel, including six Americans, in northern Afghanistan on Thursday…Led by an American ophthalmologist who had been working with Afghanistan for 40 years, the team was in a mountainous region of Badakhshan province trying to provide eye care to poor people in the remote area

The group of doctors were not part of the U.S. government.

They were, it appears, the type of individuals rarely found in this world:  highly skilled professionals who cared more for the well-being of others than that of themselves. Literally, they put themselves in mortal danger solely to do what they could to prevent others from being in mortal danger.

The rarity of these types of individuals makes the loss all the more greater. The Taliban murdered these doctors, but they damaged the lives of Afghans who would have benefited from the Doctors’ services. Alas.

To all family members and friends of the doctors murdered, my deepest condolences.


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