To Immigration Advocates: Support Our Cuban Neighbors by Condemning Raul Castro


The government of Cuba operates and maintains perhaps the most draconian immigration system in the Western Hemisphere.

If the Cuban government simply does not like the way a citizen looks, it can prevent that citizen from entering or departing Cuba.

Juan Juan Almeida, who from all appearances seems to be on the wrong end of a personal vendetta from octogenarian dictator Raul Castro, has been pushed to such limits that he is literally putting his life at risk–in the form of a hunger strike–so he can simply receive medical treatment for a degenerative illness and, perhaps more significantly, embrace his daughter and wife, who live in Miami.

In fact, Juan Juan runs a blog in which he receives submissions from Cubans that are similarly situated to himself. You can read the seemingly endless plights that are enumerated therein.

Human Lives SHOULD NOT be subject to Ideological Preference

Recently, there has been much international press on the release of numerous political prisoners from Cuba. Many of the dissidents freed have insisted that they were forcefully exiled from Cuba; that they wanted to remain in Cuba after their release. Exile is an extreme form of punishment, as well, and this forceful expulsion–which is certainly immigration related–has not been covered sufficiently within the U.S. immigration blogosphere.

In light of the almost-tyranny that broke out in Arizona, I would expect many more to make an analogy between that and the clear tyranny that reigns in the land of Cuba. But no. All I’ve seen are some GOP Cuban exiles who, being the GOPers that they are, blindly supported Arizona’s law. In my eyes, the latter merits an intellectual implosion. But I digress.

Evil is Evil, in whichever form it manifests itself. I’ve seen its malevolent’s wake; it doesn’t care whether you are against yankee imperialism, for capitalism, for communism, for the dalai lama, etc. No, it does not discriminate. If anything, it thrives, festers, and metastasizes when we draw superficial lines in classifying it.

Evil must be addressed, thus, wherever it shows its destructive face. SB1070 was, is, evil. So are the Immigration laws in Cuba. Therefore, if one is truly against “evil”, then one should, to the best of their practical ability, condemn both.

Human lives deserve no less.


2 Responses to “To Immigration Advocates: Support Our Cuban Neighbors by Condemning Raul Castro”

  1. Onelia soto Says:


    I live in Arizona and have witnessed, in a smaller scale, the laws that de-humanize the people that live in our communities. I am also the sister of Juan Juan’s wife. Through her eyes, I see what is happening, and feel her pain. In February 2009 I wrote a letter to President Obama, and to date, I have not received correspondence.

  2. bjohns15 Says:

    Hello Onelia,

    Thank you for commenting. President Obama, I fear, is more of a politician than a man that truly cares about human rights. I even wonder if there are any genuine leaders, of significance, still out there.

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