Steve Blair’s Twisted Racist Logic


Steve Blair: Poor Logician and Unapologetic Racist

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the “whitewashing mural”, in which a city councilman of Prescott, Arizona, thought that white is better than darker tones. Now, the heat is on Steve Blair. The latter’s defense is about as weak as defenses go. From the Arizona Republic:

At his news conference, Blair admitted making a mistake by failing to investigate the purpose or meaning of the mural before speaking out. He complained that neither artists nor school officials took the initiative to educate him. “That might have helped clue me,” he said. “They assumed because I asked the question (about the painting) that I was a racist and a bigot.

Blair admitted to a mistake, but then blamed it on the artists and school officials. He deflects blame for the incident on everyone else for “assuming” he is a racist when he himself admitted that he made an “assumption” about the mural(I’m guessing Blair didn’t do the legwork to ascertain that the mural was a depiction of actual students who attend the elementary school in question).

You are a government official, Blair, and it is your job to find out facts before you spew garbage over the airwaves, possibly inflicting irreparable harm unto the students whose dark skin was not light enough for you.

And now, Mr. Blair doesn’t even have the decency to resign:

“I have absolutely no intention – no intention – to voluntarily step down from this council seat,”

He may not have to, if the recall plan is successful. If the former Mayor of Prescott’s claims that most of Prescott residents are not “racist”, or do not tolerate behavior such as Blair’s, then we should see a swift dismissal.


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