Margaretann Bianculli-Dyber Should Be Ashamed.


For those of you who do not know, the other day Jeffrey Conroy was convicted of manslaughter as a hate crime for fatally stabbing Marcelo Lucero. One may debate the philosophical/practical underpinnings of hate crimes, but to inject one’s personal political views at the expense of respect for the deceased’s  loved ones is despicable. That’s right, Ms. Bianculli-Dyber’s statement that I am about to show you is despicable and she should make a public apology. This is what she said to Long Island Press:

“I’m sorry [Lucero’s] mother is crying, but that is the consequence of her actions of not telling her son to stay home where he belonged,”

Ms. Bianculli-Dybler put blame on Lucero’s mother for the senseless and horrible murder of her son. I’ve seen this sort of thing said before by anti-immigrant advocates. It goes like this: “Oh well, he’s dead, who cares, if he/she didn’t come here illegally, they would never have been murdered”. The latter is fallacious because it tries to justify what is not justfiable: crimes against human beings. It is irrelevant whether a victim of a crime is here with or without authorization. It is even worse if an individual is further put at risk of being a victim of a crime because of what one may perceive of their “authorization.” That’s the rational behind hate crime legislation. Whether it is effective, it is not clear. What is clear is that Lucero’s mother should not have to hear the vile that came from Ms. Bianculli-Dyber’s mouth.

Conroy killed Lucero without justification. Respect the dead, Bianculli. If there is a higher being, you will have to answer for your hateful rhetoric.


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8 Responses to “Margaretann Bianculli-Dyber Should Be Ashamed.”

  1. Cockroach People Says:

    It’s a bit like saying that if one hadn’t been wearing revealing clothing, one would not have been raped. That used to be a legitimate factor in rape cases back in the day. As if the rapist weren’t the problem…

  2. cookie Says:

    There are no anti-“immigrant” advocates.

  3. Margaret Bianculli Says:

    TO: TIM BOLGER – You should be ashamed of yourself, BJOHNS15 – You are afraid of the truth. COCKROACH – I have had to think about your perspective, COOKIE, you are EXACTLY correct.

    BOLGER: I am not surprised because reporters do not usually write what I say but put their own twist on things. However, the LI Press has usually been very careful and usually portrays what my community says with the appropriate connotation. Thus, I was not reticent to talk to you. SHAME ON YOU TIM! You need to apologize to your editor for trying to imitate the Newsday rag! You know I did not say “…telling her son to stay where he belonged”! I spent much time with you explaining exactly where I stood. You chose to mis-represent me and left out some very important points.

    COOKIE: You are right. Using the correct terminology to keep the issues clear is the only way the problems of illegal immigration will be remedied and there will be fewer crimes to prosecute. But then, there will be no job for Officer Reeks and no platform for the likes of Al Ramirez to exercise their personal need for “self-actualization”. And we know that Lucero was not an Equadorian immigrant but an illegal alien from Equador. There is a difference, a very important difference. One perspective allows equity the other doesn’t.

    COCKROACH: I never thought about it the way your comment states your perspective. So, in thinking about it I have determined the following and thank you for your perspective. If the intent of my belief and statement was to create a situation where murder/manslaughter was acceptable, then you would be correct. However, as terrible as this crime is and how life altering for ALL involved the result of it is – this particular crime would not have been committed if Lucero had not been allowed to be here. In fact, he was encouraged to be here by the very government prosecuting Conroy and his associates! Doesn’t there seem to be something very wrong with this? So, no, my perspective on this is not like saying that someone who dresses in revealing clothing invites rape. We have been told that a person can be raped no matter how they dress. The fact is that Lucero would not have been killed by Conroy and associates if our immigration laws were enforced and if he had not violated our borders. By this one action a set of unfortunate circumstances, that could have been avoided, were set in motion. He would not have been here. There are any other number of possibilities but this reality would not have happened.

    DID YOU KNOW THAT LEVY USED OUR TAX DOLLARS TO SEND A PATROL CAR WITH A HIGH PAID POLICE OFFICER INTO JFK TO PICK MOTHER LUCERO UP WHEN SHE ARRIVED FROM S. AMERICA SOME MONTHS AGO? Why? Where is the justice in this action for the tax payer? Does this bring her son back? Would Equador do this for one of our mothers? Who was hurt while this policeman was not on his regular duty? All it does is use our money to support a person who would not have had to come here if our government had done what it was suppose to do since the 1986 amnesty! It uses our tax dollar to apologize for something that is not our fault, even if the fault rests at the feet of the federal government, they have not listened to their constituents so why must we pay?

    BJOHNS 15: This crime IS directly related to the “political underpinnings” of one’s beliefs, AND the actions of the victim and his family. The hate crimes part is the part that should be most offensive to Americans who believe in the rule of law and the history of our legal system. Intent was ALWAYS a part of our legal determinations. It either took away from or added to the level of the crime and punishment. To add another layer – “Hate” crime, only satisfies the ego of whatever special interest group the crime impacts and attempts to put a “politically correct straight jacket” on speech for the rest of us. To clarify my position – The reality is that the crime, regardless of intent impacts all, not just the special interest group hurt. When the crime is labeled “hate” it further serves an injustice to the general population as it implies a “politically correct straight jacket” on rights of those who are not criminal. But I guess none of this matters to people like you because of late, we are only concerned with how we look, not what is in the best interest of all and this is exactly where people like Al Ramierz want us to be. He is the real racist. He hates white, Euro-Americans and I am not afraid to say this anymore than he is afraid to attempt to silence me with his labels. The difference is that he exposes his racism each time he speaks because he never speaks to the issues. As long as we continue to allow people like him to make us afraid and apologetic for who we are, where we live, and our quality of life then we are the fools victimized by the likes of him and the likes of you. I am sorry for any mother who has to go through the pain of losing a child. But there is more than one mother losing her son. The other mothers might still be facing this pain because who knows if there would have been another victim that night, but Lucero’s mother would not be here – at our expense – facing this pain if her son had not followed the path of so many others who have violated our borders and encouraged to do so by our very culpable government. Those who try to obfuscate the reality of what we are all facing with the way the pieces of this ugly puzzle fit together are trying to move us into a position none of us will want to be in. People like you and Ramirez are standing in the way of real and productive remedy and the saving of lives.

    Now, with that said, I will not apologize for the fact that there are many more responsible for this crime than Conroy and friends. I will not qualify my comments either because only those who are not tainted by their own bias will understand the real problem and then find ways to save this country, our teens, and others.

    We all need to ask ourselves: “How can the government actually set up a situation where these crimes can take place and then put itself in the position of prosecution?” Since 1986 we have had the laws to remedy this situation but the special interest lobbies have forced our elected officials to answer to them rather than to the constitution, the law, and the people. We don’t need new laws. We don’t need a road to legalization or regularization (another obfuscation), in fact, this would only propagate further violation of our borders. We need only enforce the laws we now have and maybe tweak them a bit for local needs. There is something very wrong with ALL of this and precious lives are lost because of the corruption of our elected officials at all levels and the financial power of the special interest lobbies. By the way, no one talks about the deaths of the hundreds of citizens who have been killed by illegal aliens and their other “hate” crimes. Why? The answer to this “why” is most revealing and a topic for another time.

  4. bjohns15 Says:


    Can you please explain how you inserted Reverend Ramirez when I’ve never mentioned him ever on this blog?

    You accused Mr. Bolger of misrepresenting what you said, but from your response and unwillingness to apologize, it appears he did not misrepresent your position, which is not very clear in the first place.

    I’m a little unclear as to your position on culpability. Can you explain who(federal government, Lucero, his mother, or Conroy and co.) is most responsible for the killing of Marcelo Lucero? Thank You.

  5. JonSTeps Says:

    margaret is right, there is more than just the murders to blame for this, there is her. for years her hate speech has infected suffolk county. the fact that 7 stupid kids listened to what she had to say and acted on it isn’t suppressing, its the sad truth.

    in farmingville we call margaret “granny hate”, it’s the name most people know her as. asking her to apologize is futile, she will not and it will only excite her that someone is listen… i mean look how much she wrote, need i say more?

  6. My feeling Says:

    The comment above me is not true just someone who wishes to again put the R. word on every issue. I truly belive that most American are not happy having Illegal Aliens living in our Country using our system to supply their own needs and taking jobs from American who today need them most of all..

    I truly believe those boys were either drinking or just out of control at that moment and made a terrible Mistake that took this young mans life.. No fair but they will pay for this crime and Well we have many Illegals who come into our country and commited crimes also but they never pay for the fall into the woodwork of having no I.D. and our system can’t find them .. No that’s not fair either .. our Illegal Immigrantion system needs .. These people need to learn they have to accept our legal system to achive entry into our country not just enter Illegally..

    If we wish to blame someone the only people I can blame are our Politican’s who already have the Laws on the books and can do something but they wish to play the Political Correct game which I believe really killed that young man .. ON Long Island this mess has spread like cancer.. they knew this 10 years ago and did nothing..

  7. bjohns15 Says:

    The death of Lucero has nothing to do with crimes comitted by other purported “illegals”.

  8. JonSTeps Says:

    What do you mean this crime doesn’t have to do with racism? The kids would go out every weekend “beaner jumping”. The only people who lost control are the sane residents of suffolk county who have let people like margaret preach her hate speech without challenge.

    Anyone who thinks this lynching was not a racist attack is in fact a racist.

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