Juan Juan Almeida Detained by Cuban Government.



From Indira, Juan Juan’s daughter:

“They already released my father, and he is telling me that he is almost 100 percent sure that they did it in part due to the rapid spread of the news(of his detention) and that was thanks to the efforts of everyone who sent me messages of support and solidarity and who responded immediately to my call for help!!!!!!!!

My friend and supporter of the Damas de Blanco in Cuba, Juan Juan Almeida, was reportedly detained at around 9 a.m. this morning by Cuban State officials. This is the third time this year that I have read of the detention of Juan Juan Almeida. It is unacceptable and deplorable. Juan Juan is a peacefull man; his request to leave Cuba to see his daughter and mother, as well as receive medical treatment here in the U.S., has been continually denied by the Cuban authorities.

While he has been stuck there, Juan Juan has acted only as anyone who is truly interested in Freedom would act: he has condemned the Cuban government for its murder of Orlando Zapata Tamayo and walked in solidarity with the “damas de blanco”, women who walk every Sunday to demand the release of their political prisoner loved ones.

Juan Juan, Indira, and Consuelito: you are in my thoughts and prayers and I sincerely hope that your father is released and allowed to see you in person, in Miami.

Fidel and Raul: Time is ticking, the more abuses you commit, the more you will have to answer for on this earth and afterwards. I respectfully request that you release Juan Juan, allow him to see his family in the U.S., and release all others who you have unjustfully kept in prison.


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One Response to “Juan Juan Almeida Detained by Cuban Government.”

  1. Rolando Pulido Says:

    That’s right Bryan, time is ticking and the snooze bottom has stop…no more chances.
    Now the time is ours, the cuban people.

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