Cuba Indoctrinates; the Left listens; and the Right helps them


In 2010, pressure, both domestic and international, has been exerted upon Cuba’s government to stop its perpetual abuse of the Human Rights of its citizens. From my observations, the nascent blogger movement has created an outlet of information that heretofore was not available. In other words, one no longer is limited to the Cuban state’s official word on what happens in Cuba. Apparently, however, many in the U.S. and around the world, including Brazilian president Lula de Silva, are either willfully ignorant or simply have hijacked minds when it comes to condemning the Castro regime.

In the face of this pressure, the Cuban regime has issued an rare defense via its very own newspaper: as the AP states, “But Granma formally declaring it as such is unusual and reflects mounting tensions.”

Castro’s Defense: a clichéd tactic of deflection

The Granma editorial does not spend much time or effort defending the treatment of its own people. It does make an attempt, supported by no concrete evidence while the counter-position–that Cuba is indeed abusing the human rights of its citizens–is quite concrete and much more comprehensive.

Here are some examples of their defense:

The editorial refers, not by name, to the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, stating:

“They are hypocritically accusing the Revolution of being responsible for the death of one person, a common prisoner who…”

No mention of what common prisoner’s common crime was is cited to. Then there is this blanket statement: “the Revolution has never murdered, tortured or disappeared even one of its enemies.” Again, no supporting evidence, although a statement like that is probably not true for any government in the world.

The principal theme of the editorial is not about Cuba,  it is about other nations’ sins, principally the United States. But anyone that is naive enough to buy this red herring needs to reevaluate their critical thinking processes: just because one nation acts badly does not mean that another is a saint. That is all the Cuban government can muster to defend it’s human rights violations, yet people still buy it. To further undermine this deflection argument from Cuba, all one need to do is look at Amnesty International, which alerts the world to Human Rights violations without discrimination, including ones committed by the United States.

Oh, also, they foolishly admitted something about the hunger striker Guillermo “coco” Farinas:

“They are currently focusing their cynical campaign on another hunger striker – whose common crimes and counterrevolutionary acts were exposed in Granma last March 8 – and who is being offered all the qualified medical treatment he requires.”(emphasis added)

So what was he arrested all those times for: “common crimes” or “counterrevolutionary acts”? I have read Farinas’ own account of his past, and his story has, shock, details that lead to more veracity! In only one paragraph, Farinas’ convincingly rebuts Granma’s whole editorial in a letter to Raul Castro:

“President, in your attacks against the dissidence, as your followers in and outside of Cuba do, you all have increased the proportions of the “false solidarity of humanity” of the badly called “Cuban Revolution”, when you send doctors, paramedics, teachers, and sports coaches to foreign countries.

I denounce this help as spurious, given that it is a mechanism to deflect the attention in respect to the cruelties, tortures, and violations of the of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that your totalitarian regime commits daily against Cuban citizens.”

If one takes the time to look at the totality of evidence on Human Rights in Cuba, there is no room for any other conclusion that the Cuban people are and have been being severely repressed for 51 long years. This repression creates backlash that, in effect, reinforces the repression and causes new ones to arise.

The Cuban Right

Recently, I became aware of Babalublog. The site is made up of what appears to be a variety of Cuban exiles residing within the United States. They are, rightly so, adamantly anti-Castro, but it appears that what they experienced in Cuba has catapulted them to be guilty of the same thing as those they rail against: aligned on ideology, specifically the ideology of conservatives in the United States. To their credit, they admit it, as George Moneo wrote in a 2006 post:

“My background as the son of exiles, refugees from Communism, no doubt shaped who I am.”

Naturally, everyone’s view on the world is shaped upon their environment, myself included. But that does not mean one should admit it and let it reign. A constant self-questioning is required if  a mind is not to edge into the stagnation of ideology. The authors at Babalublog do not seem to acknowledge the latter principle, as some of their views embrace the violation of human rights, which, ironically, is the basis of their condemnation of Castro–the lack of human rights in Cuba.

I did a search on Gay Marriage  on Babalu; the articles that refer to the topic of gays are laced with offensive homophobia, which is a principal cause in persecution on account of sexual orientation(as opposed to what they rail against, castro’s persecution on account of political opinion, to say the least)

Here are some examples of it:

…”written by our friend Mary Anastasia O’Grady on the pendejo from Caracas, the burro himself, Hugo (who dreams of having gay sex with Benicio del Toro) Chavez.”(emphasis added)

One author, George Moneo, stated that he religiously follows Anne Coulter, and also was so civil in this post here:

He[Sean Penn] ended it by advocating an end to the ban on gay marriage and mentioning the “elegant man” we elected:

“Thanks, Sean, for fucking lecturing us. You can go fuck yourself now.”

After being pressed on a 2006 post on his views on gay marriage, George wrote:

“Ray, if the citizens of a state wants to enact a “civil union” law, designed primarily for economic reasons, fine. That’s their call. But not marriage; that is sacred and it’s between a man and a woman.”

While I’m at it, I am going to state Anne Coulter’s view on gay marriage:

“I don’t know if [former U.S. President Bill Clinton is] gay. But [former U.S. Vice President] Al Gore – total fag.”

“Well, you know, screw you! I’m not anti-gay. We’re against gay marriage.”

She also called John Edwards a “faggot”

A Stain on the True Freedom Fighters in Cuba

Advice to George Moneo: read the live coverage of the Proposition 8 trial. Succinctly, those that are against same-sex marriage have no concrete evidence to support their position. Without any evidence but vague statements such as “marriage is sacred” which is code for religion as a reason, people like Moneo actively aid the deprivation of human rights of LGBT U.S. citizens.

I am not sure if the Cuban-based bloggers are aware of the hard line positions that Babalublog takes, especially as it relates to the violation of human rights.   But Yoani Sancez does link to Babalu, and vice versa. I am fairly sure in no way is Sanchez and co. willing to participate in the violation of others’ human rights. This is unfortunate for the sake of those that are in Cuba.

Blogs such as Babalu potentially undermine wholesale support of human rights in Cuba. If a random reader passed by, and this was their first contact with the situation of Cuba, the profanity and anti-a lot of things may permanently snuff out any further inquiries and, quite possibly, lend more credence to the Castro regime’s constant focus on the bloggers being tools of the U.S. Which is clearly not the case if you read the Cuban-based blogs.

Someone should notify them of the fact that a supporter of freedom for Cuba is concurrently contributing to the deprivation of freedoms right here in the United States.


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13 Responses to “Cuba Indoctrinates; the Left listens; and the Right helps them”

  1. Val Prieto Says:


    As the founder and chief editor of Babalu Blog, I challenge you to find one post in seven years of daily blogging as proof that we condone or support the violation of human rights. Your commentary here is seriously bordering on slander and unless you provide absolute proof of your accusations, I demand a full retraction and a public apology.

    Moreover, the time you have spent on the Cuba issue is a grain of sand on an endless beach compared to others like myself, my contributors and my readers. Perhaps, before you immerse yourself in a foreign culture, you should research that culture’s mores, beliefs, behavior, views, etc…before solving all of that culture’s problems with your overwhelming knowledge.

    It is blatantly disingenuous to equate a person’s opinion on gay marriage as a violation of human rights. And, if you are of the belief that people’s “human” rights are being violated because they are gay and not allowed to legally marry, then you should work to elect representatives who share your beliefs and will work to fix the issue legislatively. That’s what people do in free countries.

    You are no one to criticize me or my contributors or my readers with respect to Cuba. Any one of us has done more in one day to help the human rights situation in cuba than you have done in a lifetime. I’d appreciate the respect we’ve earned and I take great umbrage to your attacks on myself and the Babalu family on other Cuba related blogs.

    This will be my one and only comment to you directly on this matter. If you continue to slander me, any of my contributors or readers, I will seek legal means to remedy it.

    • bjohns15 Says:

      Yeah, no retraction coming. I do not answer to threats.

      Actually, Val, as you directly threatened my freedom of expression(what I wrote is not slander), I am going to do a follow-up post addressing your knee-jerk reaction and willingness to do what Babalu is so against, namely the suppression of freedom of speech.

    • Civis americanus sum Says:

      Slander is not written or published–that would be libel. Please keep the uninformed screeds to your blog.

  2. lissnup Says:

    Bryan you are entitled to your opinion, and that is what you have shared here. I understand Val Prieto’s discomfort and the strength of the reaction here suggests you struck a nerve.

    This is a puzzling thing for me, as I would have thought the sort of person who provides a forum for haters and bigots would have lost all feeling long ago.

    The joy of living in a free society means even the most pompous and arrogant enjoy the same liberties as any sane, rational person, and we should defend their right to make idiots of themselves and squander their finances on pointless legal counsel down to our last drop of Old Kentucky.


  3. Anon Says:

    Just so you know, this is not the first time Val has threatened to take legal action against someone for “slander”. To my knowledge, he has never actually had a cause for action.

    His immediate response to legal action proves that he and his Babalu buddies are the worst sorts of demagogues.

    Also, it won’t be long before they start redirecting your links to Babalu somewhere else. All they know how to do is reinforce that echo chamber

    • bjohns15 Says:

      Thanks Anon. I am a law student, and am about to do some research into whether Val has any legal basis to his threat. If not, be sure to come back and read the next post…

  4. Armando Quincoses Says:


    Anybody is entitled to their opinion in this country. You have yours and I have mine. Mine is to point out how incorrect you are calling us “The site is made up of what appears to be a variety of Cuban exiles residing within the United States.” By today’s standards that is a RACIST statement. I am a reader and supporter of the site and I am offended by your callousness. This site and others such as “The Real Cuba” have been advocating for the support of human rights in Cuba and other places.
    There are also many sites that advocate the freedom of Cuba populated by what you call us, see above. What should you be called? What variety are you, Heinz?
    You are very misinformed in regard to who does and does not support human rights.
    Have you lived in Cuba, not as a tourist, as a Cuban on foot? Have you suffered the murder and torture of your family members?
    I strongly suggest you move to Cuba for a while and find a job there, after all you will have FREE health care. The health care there will compare to here such as an individual making say $50,000 a year the government deducts $40,000 to cover the cost.
    I believe your comments are aligned with the MSM and the current administration.
    Regarding homophobic accusations, Please direct them to Che Guevara! You know the murderer on the T-shirts.

    • bjohns15 Says:


      Thank you for reading. Are the authors of Babalublog made up of Cuban exiles? If so, I do not think what I wrote can in any way be construed as racist. In fact, one of the authors, George Moneo, even referred to himself as a “son of exiles”. I have not lived in Cuba; I do not want to live in Cuba, I’m quite satisfied living in the United States.

      I do not know why you inserted health care; I never mentioned anything of it. You have made an awful lot of assumptions about my political stance, which is okay, but it just shows that you are looking to discredit me solely because I criticized Babalublog.

      As to what you can call me, I do not really care, maybe Norteamericano, o Gringo.

  5. Chris Says:

    Val Prieto is a moron. Hmm, maybe he’ll threaten me with a petty slander lawsuit and demand a full retraction and apology for that, too. Nah – I’m sure I and anyone else can find plenty of evidence of that in “one post in seven years of daily blogging.”

  6. Babalublog deprives Human Rights of LGBT and I « Life Through the Lens of Bryan Says:

    […] Life Through the Lens of Bryan A unique perspective on life and politics « Cuba Indoctrinates; the Left listens; and the Right helps them […]

  7. Jorge Says:


    I was also a couple of years ago blocked from the babalu blog. I do like their “take no prisioner actitude” towards the Castro´s Dictartorship and their criticism of the liberal left who sympathize with leftist despots. I consider myself a cuban american conservative, and a republican.

    Mr Val Prieto is a bigot, a bigot against anyone who does not agree with his views, he is set on his views as Chavez or Castro, and anyone who does not share his views will get a barrage of slanders. All democrats, liberals ect are sorry SOB´s in Val´s view. So, take it with as a grain of salt.

    Val, my message for you ” Eres un comemierda y te puedes ir al carajo”



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