Putin: Any different from Stalin?


I just read an AP article titled: “Putin says Stalin massacred Poles out of revenge”

This is the relevant part:

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made an unprecedented gesture of good will to Poland on Wednesday by attending a memorial ceremony for 22,000 Poles executed by Soviet secret police during World War II. But hours later he soured the mood by offering a controversial justification for the massacres.

After attending the solemn event with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Putin said Soviet dictator Josef Stalin ordered the atrocity as revenge for the death of Red Army soldiers in Polish prisoner of war camps in 1920. Putin said 32,000 troops under Stalin’s command had died of hunger and disease in the Polish camps.

First, there is never a justification for an atrocity, however appealing the rationale may appear on the surface. Even the revenge rationale in this instance falls in the face of basic comparison.

If, indeed, Stalin did it out of revenge, it was a disproportionate act: the 32,000 Russian deaths were soldiers; the 22,000 Poles killed were not exclusive to soldiers–it included intellectuals.

The AP article stated that Putin’s… “speech stopped short of offering any apology to Poland or calling the massacres a war crime”

Putin went to a memorial for those killed but did not have the decency to apologize for the death of 22,000 humans ordered killed by a predecessor Russian government. Great, the world has come so far.

So far, in fact, that there are still those in the United States that flippantly suggest that the cure to terrorism is to make the middle east a parking lot without, you know, looking at history or thinking of some sort of higher being’s wrath.


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