Update: Wikileaks Guilty of Misleading


The video that I posted earlier was the edited version, 17:47 minutes in length. The full version is 39:14 minutes in length. The Wikileaks website, as of now, only has the edited version posted. A corrolary website, http://www.collateralmurder.com, has both versions available. Yet, the short version is all that one can see unless one scrolls down. Here is the full version:

I read an article on Salon which railed against Bill Roggio from the weekly standard for accusing Wikileaks of only publishing the edited version. The Salon author, Glenn Greenwald, is guilty of misleading his own readers as well! Greenwald defended wikileaks, stating that it published the full version from the outset. Yet, it is clear that Wikileaks made a concerted effort–by not publishing the full version on its main website and by placing the full version under the short one–of making the short version much more visible.

Wikileaks has the right and interest to make the short version more visible, but it should be honest about it and disclose on its main website that the video was edited for entertainment purposes. Why? Because the full version tells the story better; it reveals that the area was a very active militant area and even further backs up the shoot first mentality of the pilots. This part is so damning: It appears that it is one of the Apache pilots speaking, but I cannot be sure, so read it with caution: “I’m gonna get down a little lower”. “All right”. “I’m gonna come down a little lower and take a quick gander”…”We’re moving in the vicinity of the engagement area and looks like we’ve got some slight movement from, ah van that was engaged”. “Looks like a kid. Over”.

If that was a pilot speaking, it is evidence that if the crews of the Apache’s looked a little closer before they opened fire on the van, they would have realized it had children inside and not have wounded them. Nonetheless, I am incensed at how wikileaks has misled others and myself so that much misinformation has undoubtedly been virally spreading throughout the web. Since they took the effort to editorialize the shortened version, they should have also taken the time to state who, exactly, was speaking every sentence.


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