NY Solidarity with “Las Damas de Blanco”


Today, about 200 others and I met in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, dressed in white and carrying white flowers. Most of the people appeared to be from Cuba.

The point: to march in solidarity with the “Damas de Blanco”, of Cuba, who are the mothers, spouses, sisters, etc of men put in jail by the Castros solely on account of political opinion.

Now, more than ever, the Damas de Blanco need as much support as they can get. Cuba’s leadership, over the past few months, has been under increased pressure for their persistent oppression of Cubans’ fundamental rights. The pressure has become so intense that the Damas de Blanco, while walking peacefully as they normally do, were beaten and harassed by state security agents. And for what? Because they want their loved ones to be free, so that they can love them and live a real life together. Is that so much to ask for as to warrant beatings, Sr. Castro? No.

And we marched, to show those brave Damas in Cuba that they are not alone; that there are people all over the world that want justice for your family, for your people. The world is watching  more closely now more than ever, with the advent of the internet. Don’t further your shame, Sr. Castro. Leave Cuba to those that deserve it, “Las Damas de Blanco y sus queridos”

The pictures below are courtesy of Babulublog.com

Orlando Zapata Tamayo, under the protective shadow of Jose Marti

The Silent March of Solidarity

The next pictures are of the actual Damas De Blanco in Cuba, provided by octavocerco.

Brave Women



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3 Responses to “NY Solidarity with “Las Damas de Blanco””

  1. Girasol Sugerencia Says:

    This is NOT hyperbole. Fidel Castro is a sociopath with a knack for hypnotic long-winded verbage who lulls his listeners into political passivity. This “knack” is/was his most useful tool as an international political leader. This is what keeps outsiders thinking “this guy has something to say” can he be all wicked or evil as Cubans who oppose him say?
    Ted Bundy the notorious serial killer of the 70s was a straight-A student with a Psychology degree, he too had something to say.
    A sociopath can be educated, from an upperclass, a skilled orater, etc.
    Were Bundy’s neighbors going to suspect him of atrocities. Nope. Do Castro’s political peers suspect him of deliberate, pre-calculted homicides. Nope.
    Taking an individual in the prime of his youth standing him up against a brick wall and shouting fire for the distribution of flyers on a street corner is NOT retribution for political dissidence-it is an act of homicide.
    If the mayor of any U.S. city did this to a political opponent. He goes to jail and most likely the electric chair. He does not go on to deliver public speeches or attend formal dinners
    The only way to understand Fidelo is to view him with clinical eyes and understand you face a sociopath. His brother too is in his league. Cuba is not a producer of sociopaths but when they surface they seem to appear in pairs.
    The Menendez brothers of California killed their parents like executioners and went out on a shopping spree. The Castros execute vicariously (perhaps personally, too- where’s the proof they don’t or haven’t) and then go on to deliver a public speech or sit down to a formal dinner with visiting dignataries.
    This behavior is without question or doubt the behavior of a deviant, ill, guiltless, remorseless entity. There is NO dispute on this point. If you keep rehashing the Castros and their deeds in your minds you do yourself a disservice. You don’t try to understand sociopath’s thinking, or philosophies, or soul. They are dark and deviant and are dismissed immediately from one’s thinking.
    These two anomalies which have cursed Cuba’s political, cultural and historical landscape need to be expunged from the realm of what is normal in terms of polictics, humanity, etc.
    The Castro’s need to be exposed for what they are. You do not engage in dialogue with a sociopath anywhere!!

    • bjohns15 Says:

      Hello Girasol,

      I am not a fan of Castro by any means. Since I am not trained in psychology, I cannot truly comment on whether he is a sociopath or not.

      But I do have some thoughts on how types like Castro get to power, and I think the narrow depiction of the source of all of Cuba’s plight being due to Castro as a “sociopath” is problematic.

      I do not think it is so narrow; I think all but a minority of humans in the world are vulnerable to the evils that have taken place in Cuba under the Castro brothers’ rule. I hope you see what I am saying.

  2. Raul Castro: I Fear the Damas de Blanco « Life Through the Lens of Bryan Says:

    […] more than nine Ladies in White, as you can see from visual evidence that has been posted on this blog before. The following is the account of what occurred as reported by the […]

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