The Rally For Immigration Reform: A Family Affair 1


Hello Folks. Yesterday was long yet rewarding. Jamie and I started driving from Long Island to Washington D.C. at 4:30 a.m. We arrived in D.C. around 9, showed our support for immigration reform for about 6 hours, along with an estimated 150,000 others, then drove home barely conscious. At that time there were not that many people there yet for the rally. The photos that follow were taken before it really got going. Videos in the next post. Here they are:

I am just tall enough for those at the Capitol building to see my sign.

Jamie getting things done.

New York representing what is right.

The sign says: "I love my daddy. Please let him stay!" One of the most memorable.

The Gringo contingent. On at 4 or 5 different occasions, we were told: "Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it".

The rally point before the rally picked up steam.


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27 Responses to “The Rally For Immigration Reform: A Family Affair 1”

  1. Yolanda Guerra Says:

    Speaking as a minority and the daughter of immigrant parents, nothing compares to having the support of ‘gringos.’ Know that their gratitude was truly heartfelt!

  2. bjohns15 Says:


    My site cannot be used as platform for the defense of Roy Beck from NumbersUSA.(They have their own website)Therefore, this comment will be deleted.

  3. cookie Says:

    Well no surprise, Bryan. You had no rebuttal, so silence the opposition. So typical of the pro-illegal side. You did not disappoint.

    • bjohns15 Says:

      Cookie, you copy and pasted a really long article on the defense of Roy Beck. I didn’t silence you by deleting an article that you did not write and put in my comments section.

      To be frank, I don’t care enough about Roy Beck to make a rebuttal. If you are so outraged about the suppression of Roy Beck’s freedom of speech, where were your comments, on this blog, when the tea party threatened my life to squash my free speech?

  4. cookie Says:

    Just out of curiosity Bryan from looking at your picture you look at least partially Hispanic. Am I right?

  5. cookie Says:

    If you life was threatened by any “real” tea party members for merely expressing your freedom of speech then they should also be chastized for it and I do. But I doubt your story and I never read about it until just now. You didn’t want to read the long summation of the march that I posted about Beck and I also never read your long post either.

  6. cookie Says:

    Great, I will forward to your video of proof that any “real” tea party member threatened your life and that the rest of the entire group approved of it.

    • bjohns15 Says:

      I never said the entire group approved of it. In fact, several of the people there didn’t say one word to me. The man who threatened me directly did so in a hushed voice, so that no one could hear him. Which makes sense, given the fact that a reasonable person making a threat would not want evidence of that threat.

      The people that took the video,, have been very busy as of late. I don’t know when the video will be available, but when it does become available, I am going to post it to this site.

  7. cookie Says:

    Well since the so-called threat was in a hushed voice the camera may not have picked it up.

    He was only one person to what is your point? It appears you are trying to hold the whole Tea Party movement accountable for some radical’s threat.

    Should I also assume from the marches that all those reconquista signs that were there represented the sentments of the entire pro-illegal movement? Think about it!

  8. cookie Says:

    Others said things to you? What things? If they didn’t threaten you then you have no case. What article? I have yet to find this article you are talking about. You mean your account of the confrontations? Yeah, I would believe your biased account of the incident.

  9. cookie Says:

    Thanks for posting the links to your side of the story. First off why do you call anti-illegal Americans, anti-“immigrants”? That kind of shoots your credibility down a bit.

    You took the man’s gestures or words as a threat? Of course you would seeing you are so biased and like most pro-illegals will do anything to demonize the other side.

    You were so angry that you punched your steering wheel at the mere sight of signs denoting they want illegals deported? Yet you complain when the other side displays some anger? Sounds like you need an anger management course yourself. Why would you even want to return to a place where you felt your life was being threatened? That doesn’t make any sense.

    Look, I have read and heard just as many vile insults from the pro-illegal side and you know that it is true. I am all for civility in this debate but there are always going to be those on both sides that can’t seem to control their anger. You admitted yourself that the pro-illegals at the march might have become violent just at the mere sight of Roy Beck and his message. So don’t talk about the anti side spewing insults or becoming violent/angry unless you pro-illegals can clean up your own backyards.

    How many times have we been called racists, xenophobes, haters, etc. by your side? How many times have we been told that all whites are here illegally in their own country that they were BORN in? How many times have we been told that is country belongs to Mexicans? How does that make YOU feel when you hear that kind of garbage? You’re white, why doesn’t that offend you?

    Your problem as most pro-illegals is basic honesty. You like to make it look like the entire anti/tea party movements are all violent racists and that isn’t true nor even close to being true. You can’t say that in all honesty without then stating that all pro-illegals are reconquista racists. When of course that isn’t true either. Don’t be a hypocrite. That is one the worst traits of the pro-illegal movement.

    • bjohns15 Says:

      I am perfectly honest. Please do not question my honesty. Everything written by a human being has an inherent bias. Otherwise, we would not be human. There is a difference between bias and honesty.

      You wrote:

      “You were so angry that you punched your steering wheel at the mere sight of signs denoting they want illegals deported? Yet you complain when the other side displays some anger? Sounds like you need an anger management course yourself. Why would you even want to return to a place where you felt your life was being threatened? That doesn’t make any sense.”

      No I do not need an anger management program. I punched my steering wheel in the privacy of my car and at no point engaged in personal attacks against those that I counter-protested.

      You wrote:

      “Why would you even want to return to a place where you felt your life was being threatened? That doesn’t make any sense.”

      Well, first, like i said before my motives for going there were mixed; I want to put my message up there as well of pro-immigration reform. I do not appreciate having my free speech taken from me by threat, which is another reason to go back.

      “First off why do you call anti-illegal Americans, anti-”immigrants”? That kind of shoots your credibility down a bit.”

      Groups like Numbers USA, FAIR, etc all call for a virtual moratorium on legal immigration. Therefore, I think it is accurate to call these movements anti-immigrants.

      Again, Cookie, those two articles were written about a personal encounter with one group of the tea party, not the whole movement. But the movement does have radical elements, just like the Immigration Reform movement(at least the proponents). If you look at most of the undocumented immigrants, you would be hard-pressed to find radically political reconquista types, at least that’s what I’ve seen from my contact with many.

      The issue does not center around “well, they do it, so it’s not as bad if we do it”. It’s bad, regardless.

      On another note, Cookie, you have the choice not to look at blogs that you disagree with. In other words, if you have been treated poorly in many so-called “pro-illegal” blogs, that is because you chose to enter their world. Just like I chose to enter the tea party world.

      A word of advice if you want to be treated nicely at where you go: do not use exclamation marks and do not call people stupid, unpatriotic, racist, ethnocentric, etc. It does nothing to further debate; it just makes both sides more stagnated in their arguments.

  10. cookie Says:

    “My site cannot be used as platform for the defense of Roy Beck from NumbersUSA.(They have their own website)Therefore, this comment will be deleted”

    No, IMO you just couldn’t accept the fact that Beck did nothing different then you did and that was expressing his freedom of speech and in fact he did it in a much more civil way.

    • bjohns15 Says:

      cookie, again, i don’t care about Roy beck. It’s called a link, not copy and pasting full articles. You should start your own blog so you have a better understanding.

  11. cookie Says:

    It is not being anti-immigrant to want immigrants to come in controlled numbers or even to want a moritorium on them for awhile since our economy is bad right now and our population is growing by leaps and bounds and because of this huge illegal alien problem we have. If one were truly anti-immigrant they wouldn’t want immigrants coming to this country at all or ever. So just admit that saying groups like Numbers USA or even individual Americans in this country that desire the above is an attempt to make a false accusation of them. It is also plain that they are trying to blur the lines between immigrant and illegal alien. They say we are anti-immigrant when they know we are only anti-illegal alien.

    I have never gone into a pro-illegal blog and called them all kinds of vile names as you are suggesting. I always want civil debate. It is the pro-illegal bloggers who mostly do this. The one in particular that I mentioned even has as her mission statement “a place where both anti’s and pro’s can discuss this issue freely and civilly”. Yeah right, she may as well eat those words because all she ever did was insult the anti’s in there by calling them racists, xenophobes, haters, etc. when they were being civil and then finally she couldn’t handle the truth anymore and showing herself up for being a hypocrite with her mission statement so she stopped allowing most any anti’s to post in there. I find this typical of most pro-illegal blogs. I am not saying you are like that because obviously you are allowing me to express my viewpoint in here. But why are most pro-illegals so afraid of the opposing view that they feel the need to resort to those tactics? I know the answer to that however and if you think about it you really know why also. They are defending the undefensable so all they have left are insults and false accusations.

    • bjohns15 Says:

      calling someone ant-immigrant is not vile. I don’t know what blog you are talking about; but there is no truth of which you speak of. What is clear is that you, along with Numbers USa, etc, call for maximum enforcement(i.e. deportation for as much undocumented as possible) and then hope for a others to leave on their own. This, to many reasonable minds, is simply not possible(and very expensive). Therefore, many want to a path to legalization as undocumented are here to stay.

  12. cookie Says:

    I disagree, Bryan. Calling someone anti-immigrant when they are not but instead anti-illegal is not only vile but it is a lie. There is nothing unreasonable about expecting immigrants to come here legally and if they don’t and are discovered our laws say they must be deported. There is nothing unreasonable or expensive about self-deportation through e-verify.

    It is only your opinion that they are here to stay. If we start enforcing our immigration laws (and we certainly should) particularly in the workplace many if not most will leave on their own without jobs. More importantly why do you as a loyal and law abidng American want them to remain here? Why aren’t you advocating for legal immigrants to be rewarded for waiting their turn in their homelands to replace them?

    I’d sure like to know what makes you tick. How you arrived at this point. There are many self-hating, guilt ridden whites in our society, are you one of them? Someone told me that you are totally enamoured with Latino history and culture. That is fine but isn’t your viewpoint taking that to the extreme?

    • bjohns15 Says:

      Before I answer your question, please tell me who told you that I am enamored with Latino History and culture.

      I will not disclose information if information is not disclosed to me.

  13. cookie Says:

    You wouldn’t know this person anyway, Bryan. That person I believe knew that about you perhaps it was something you said. What difference does it make anyway in order for you to answer my questions? You can either deny it or admit to it. What’s the big deal?

  14. cookie Says:

    I only want to know what makes you tick on illegal immigration, Bryan. I think below pretty much tells all.

    On Marisa’s blog you stated that you majored in History, specializing in Latin American History and found it much more interesting than that of your own nation. The fact that you have no sympathy nor care whatsoever for all of the working poor and blue collar workers pushed aside to provide jobs for illegals is more proof of where your feelings lie. You view illegal immigration as a “victimless crime” of people who are merely coming to feed their “starving” families is not an accurate portrayal of the situation and you know it deep down.

    By asking me to “name names” you are just deflecting away from my questions. It doesn’t matter who might have expressed the opinion that you have a strong affinity for Latin American culture and its people. It is self-evident from you blog and your postings in Marisa’s blog. What I don’t understand is how you can choose another county’s peoples over your own in regards to the negative impact of illegal immigration on us and our right to have and to enforce our immigration laws.

    • bjohns15 Says:

      I am not obligated to give you responses detailing every single possible motivation as to what makes me tick on my views of “illegal immigration”.

      You ask questions of me in an unduly aggressive manner and if I do not “answer” your question to your liking, you continue to write in an aggressive, condescending manner.

      In other words, when you ask a question of me, you are already looking for an answer which you have created in your own head, which is evident from this:

      “the fact that you have no sympathy nor care whatsoever for all of the working poor and blue collar workers pushed aside to provide jobs for illegals is more proof of where your feelings lie.”

      Again, your assumptions are wrong. What you think, or assume, is not proof. It is pure speculation.

      I suggested you look at my other entries outside of the topic of immigration if you wanted an answer; you simply ignored it. It’s a two-way street, Cookie.

  15. cookie Says:

    Of course you aren’t obligated to answer my questions Bryan but why not? Would it be to inciminating to you? They are pretty simple political questions, aren’t they? I have not ignored your other topics I have read them and that still doesn’t give me a clue as to why even though you are apparently enamoured with Latino culture and history that you would go so far as to turn your back on your own fellow citizens and the rule of law in your own country because of that.

    I have always been fascinated with Chinese culture and it’s peoples but never would I condone them being in our country illegally or fight for them to stay here after they had defied our immigration laws, took American jobs and cost millions of our taxpayer dollars. I am a compassionate person but not to those who didn’t show respect for our country in the first place. My compassion is for my fellow Americans first and then for those who show they deserve the balance of my compassion. Why aren’t you down in Mexico fighting for Mexican rights down there? That is their country, not this one.

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