Criminal Justice Clinic Extended: Temporary Victory


UPDATE: The CJC was extended for at least one more year, although there has not been an official declaration of this to the student body.

A reliable source has stated that: “Due to budgetary concerns, there is a very real possibility that the Criminal Justice Clinic will be discontinued at the end of this semester”.

This cannot happen; it is a severe disservice to both Hofstra Law students and the community. The clinic, for me(political asylum), has been by far the most rewarding, informative educational experience I have encountered in Law School.

Furthermore, it appears that but for a leak of information, Hofstra may have made this decision without consulting the student body. Given that the Clinic benefits the students first and foremost, this is quite pernicious.

Moreover, the Criminal Justice Clinic provides an invaluable authentic hands-on experience in one of the most important and and commonly practiced fields of law in the United States: Criminal Defense



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2 Responses to “Criminal Justice Clinic Extended: Temporary Victory”

  1. T.P. Says:

    too bad not better turnout. a visiting prof told me this happening because the faculty is demanding an 8% raise this year!! given economy and what they already make (some almost $300,000 really?!), I think we should be sending around a petition directed at the faculty. unbelievable greed.

  2. bjohns15 Says:

    Petition is in the process of getting out there, but grassroots support is difficult.

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