Fresh Violence In Jerusalem


On March 11th, I wrote on the dangerousness and foolhardiness of Israel’s plans of building new settlements in contested lands. Specifically, I wrote:

Now, the Palestinian authority has recommended withdrawal from any sort of peace negotiation and one should not be surprised if a new wave of violence between Israel and Palestine comes with the next daybreak.

News today confirms my original prediction, albeit off a couple of days. From Reuters:

Palestinians mounted violent protests in Jerusalem on Tuesday and President Barack Obama’s Middle East envoy canceled plans to return to the region as a U.S.-Israeli crisis over Jewish settlement plans deepened….Medical officials said at least 40 Palestinians were treated in hospitals in the most serious flare-up in the holy city in months. Police said 14 policemen were hurt and 60 people arrested.

Memo to Israeli government:

If you care about the fate of your people, I recommend A. cancel settlement plans and B. do not act with such recklessness  in the future.


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