Persecution Enabler: The Catholic Church


Mexico City,

This past Sunday, the Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico City(DF)  issued a seething criticism of its mayor, Marcelo Ebrard.

Specifically, the Church accused the mayor of causing:

“A constant division in society by its political activism”, by supporting things such as the legalization of abortion and homosexual unions

Curiously, the Church made a separate, unrelated accusation of the government:

“While the transit problems worsen, (the authorities) propose as a solution the use of bicycles instead of starting a realistic modernization of public transport of quality of efficiency”

What do public transit problems have to do with gay marriage and abortion? Nothing. Perhaps Marcelo Ebrard is guilty of inefficient governance. I don’t follow Mexico City politics, so I can’t say for sure.

A reasonable explanation is that the Catholic Church issued its criticism with the sole purpose of undermining recent advancements in the progressive social policies. All non-religious evidence points to two conclusions: abortion will take place regardless of whether it is criminalized or not(if it is criminalized it causes much more damage) and humans are born with their sexual orientation. Therefore, the Church’s teachings in this area do nothing but exacerbate the quality of life of many people and concurrently do nothing to “help” society.

I do not say this in a wishy washy manner. I have spoken to an expert on LGBT issues in Latin America and, lo and behold, the Catholic Church is THE biggest contributing factor to society’s deep homophobia, which is what causes much persecution on account of sexual orientation. So, Catholic Church, stop enabling persecution and shut it.


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