Venezuela: State-Sponsored Terrorism.


Last week, Hugo Chavez and Alvaro Uribe had a bit of a verbal spat at the Rio Summit in Cancun. The argument arose out of Uribe’s criticism of Venezuela’s restriction upon Colombian businesses. Apparently not wanting to discuss the issue, Hugo Chavez then accused Uribe of planning to assassinate him.

Yesterday, the tables turned; Spanish Judge Eloy Velasco issued an indictment of several members of FARC(Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and ETA(Basque Homeland and Freedom) for participating in terrorist activities. The real eyebrow-raiser centers around one of the indicted individuals, Arturo Cubillas Fontan. The short of it is this: Cubillas, an ETA member who has been accused of several murders, is a member of the Venezuelan government and, in that capacity, he helped plan attempts on the lives of current  and former presidents of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe and Andres Pastrana, respectively, while they were in Spain.

This is how it began, according to the indictment, in paraphrased form:

“…On behalf of the ETA, Arturo Cubillas Fontan, wanted for murder, was deported by French authorities in November of 1987 to Algeria and subsequently to Venezuela in May of 1989, where he became what he is today, having married Venezuelan Goizeder Odriozola Lataillade in 1990 (who has taken on public positions since February of 1999 when Hugo Chavez became President of Venezuela, and since 2007 has held the position of Director of Institutional Relations in the ministry of popular power for sports) where in 2005, Cubillos was named the appointed Director of the Office of Services and Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands of Venezuela.

From 1999, Cubillos was responsible for the ETA group in that region of America and was in charge of coordinating relations with FARC. As a result of his actions between July 14th of and August 12th of 2003, FARC gave military training to four ETA militants and they planned to do more in the future.

In exchange for FARC’s military training of ETA, as well as supplying arms to ETA, Cubillos set to conduct a scouting report on the movements of former and current presidents of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe and Andres Pastrama so that FARC could carry out assassinations of them.”

I have no personal knowledge of the facts underlying the indictment, but Venezuela has yet to offer any substantive defense of Cubillos’ actions. Cubillos’ mere presence as an employee of the Venezuelan government raises serious hackles–he is a suspected murderer and member of the terrorist ETA organization. Add to that the various allegations of direct support of attempts of assasination of a neighboring country’s president, and Hugo Chavez has a lot of explaining to do, or maybe not.

The Meaningless Defense

Hugo and his Cuban compatriots have rolled out their typical blame it on the Yankees/how dare one criticize me defense(not the baseball team). An official comunique from the Venezuelan government stated that the judge’s indictment “makes unacceptable signals, motivated by politics of the Venezuelan Government”. It also stated the irrelevant fact that the indictment failed to mention that Cubillas came to Venezuela as a result of an agreement between the then presidents of Venezuela  and Spain, Carlos Andres Perez and Felipe Gonzalez, respectively; and that the evidence used by the indictment is worthless.

Significantly, the communique  does not deny that Cubillas, a member of ETA, was a relatively high-ranking member in the Venezuelan government. This selective silence may be a result of the unattractive position Hugo Chavez finds himself–the allegations are true as presented, or worse, he had more involvement than what is currently known. He really may not have a choice.

Hugo Chavez tried another trite explanation to the indictment: “It’s orchestrated they have an agreement: In Spain and in Washington. This indicates that it is not casual, it is all orchestrated by the Yankee empire. Spains’ Judges have a storied history of indicting individuals for serious criminal activities abroad. In fact, Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon indicted the former CIA-supported Chilean dictator General Augosto Pinochet. Moreover, Garzon is currently pursuing an indictment of six former members of the Bush administration for their part in torture conducted at Guantanamo Bay. Now, how does the Spanish-U.S.A conspiracy against Venezuela hold up when the Spanish are actively pursuing criminal charges against members of a former U.S. administration? It  does not.

Clearly, the central motivation behind Velasco’s indictment is concern for Spain; the latter cannot have foreign governments conspiring to undermine its democratically elected government. Face the music, Chavez, even if that means resignation


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2 Responses to “Venezuela: State-Sponsored Terrorism.”

  1. Roy Says:

    “Face the music, Chavez, even if that means resignation”

    I don’t think you know Chavez very well. His ego and narcissism would never permit that. He will be be executed like Mussolini or suicide in a bunker like Hitler before he resigns.

  2. bjohns15 Says:

    Yeah, I was actually thinking of how that would never happen as I wrote it, but I felt like saying he should do it anyway because it is what should be done.

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