Raul Feels No Regret


The International Press, always looking to advertise their story as  novel and interesting, published an article with the following title: “Cuban president regrets dissident’s death”. The dissident who died yesterday was Orlando Zapata Tamayo. However, what Raul Castro’s said belies the title of the article:

“Raul Castro laments the death of Cuban prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo, who died after conducting a hunger strike…” the president said Zapata Tamayo’s death “is a result of the relationship with the United States”

Raul, you are a coward and a liar: you provide absolutely no evidence supporting the preposterous assertion that Tamayo’s death was due to the United States. He died because he wanted the likes of you, Raul, out of power and preferably in the same jail cell that he was unjustly placed in by your brother, Fidel.

This “regret” statement further exposes the Cuban government as ideological frauds. If Raul was going to apololigize, he should have said it unequivocally without any hedging. Try this:

“We are deeply sorry for the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo. We should have released him from prison before his health reached such a critical stage. To show our regret, we will release all other non-violent political prisoners. Furthermore,  we will pay reparations to Tamayo’s mother for all the suffering  our actions have put her through”.

Lukewarm Latin American Leaders

Raul Castro’s apology most likely came as a result from being in the company of Latin American leaders while Tamayo’s demise unfolded(a regional summit was taking place in Cancun, Mexico).  If he were cooped up in his Island fortress, a “regret” statement may have never came.

Miguel Octavio, a fierce critic of the Hugo Chavez led Venezuelan government, adeptly described the situation from a tweet: “Orlando Zapata Tamayo dies in a cuban prison after an 86 day hunger strike and the presidents of Latin America laugh with Raul Castro in Cancun” Don’t believe it? Look at this picture:

Brazil's President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, right, speaks to Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez

That’s right–the Brazilian president is smiling with the party directly responsible for murdering its own citizen. The leaders of Latin America, at their recent summit in Cancun, unanimously condemned the U.S. imposed embargo on Cuba, yet they have not condemned the murder of Tamayo. As much as the U.S. embargo is outdated, ineffective and most likely hurts the Cuban people more than its government, the latter deserves the most scorn. Raul Castro and co. are denying their people freedom, going to such extremes as smothering out the lives of their own citizens. It is so abundantly clear. Instead of  outrage and condemnation from the Latin American leaders, we get smiles and a meaningless “apology” from Raul Castro. Lula de Silva, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Sebastian Pinera, Alvaro Uribe, Felipe Calderon, and all the other leaders of Latin America  have two choices: 1) unequivocally condemn the murder of Orlando Zapata Tamayo or 2) say nothing and live with the shameful knowledge  that they chose politics over what is right.

To end this post, I shall provide an sample letter of what the Latin American leaders should send to Raul. This was written by my Cuban friend and victim of Raul’s tyranny, Juan Juan Almeida:

“Mr. Raul Castro Ruz,

Today, a human being has died. His name was Orlando Zapata Tamayo. I do not know if he was white, heterosexual, tall, short, or tiny…I don’t now. He died after taking on a long hunger strike so that one day he could reclaim his rights.

I ask you President: Does this not shame you? Do we have to go to such extremes? Do you not believe it is better to cede, to throw aside the arrogance so that you can listen? Today, I do not ask for my exit*, today I ask for much more. I beg you, sir, I implore you to give up. Leave this country! You, sir, deserve no respect.

Juan Juan Almeida Garcia”

Juan Juan’s short letter  is what all leaders of the free world should send to Raul Castro, including the leaders of Latin America. Freedom for Cuba, now!

*For several years now, Juan Juan Almeida has tried, unsuccessfully, to be reunited with his wife and daughter in Miami as well as to receive specialized medical care in the U.S. for a rare, debilitating form of arthritis.


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2 Responses to “Raul Feels No Regret”

  1. Jesus Maria Alvarez Says:

    Zapata Tamayo’s mother rejected his so called apology. My favorite part of the AP story was the quote attributed to Castro where he denied “torture or any execution had taken place in Cuba.”

    Now, I doubt the man is delusional or amnesic. It has all to do with immorality, a lack of a honor and a corrupted soul.

  2. bjohns15 Says:

    Yes, Jesus, I agree. Although I think Fidel may be delusional–some of his “reflections” are down right loony. Why do you think the Latin American Presidents are being quiet? (aside from Evo and and Hugo, the best buddies of Castro)

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