Cuban Dissident Murdered by Castro!


Today, Orlando Zapata Tamayo died after an 82 day hunger strike. Cuban authorities arrested Orlando in 2003, charging him with the crime of “Disobedience” and “Public Disorder.” He was  sentenced to 25 years in prison for these alleged crimes.

Orlando wanted to change his country, change it so that not one man controls the Cuban peoples’ fate, but that the Cuban people do. Today, he paid the ultimate price for his efforts.

It is time for Raul and Fidel to release their stagnated, ideological grip of power and give it to the Cuban people. One might say that “well, Orlando did it to himself, he didn’t have to go on a hunger strike.” But he did. He believed in what he thought was right. In prison, he could not achieve what he believed in. In death, he may. Please, everyone who reads this, spread the word of the heinous actions of the Cuban government. This includes those that are sympathetic to governments that oppose the U.S. government. Murder is Murder, regardless of who commits it. Human Rights are Human Rights, regardless of who is depriving them.

Orlando deserves no less.


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9 Responses to “Cuban Dissident Murdered by Castro!”

  1. Jesus Maria Alvarez Says:

    Thanks for posting the photo. I searched today but couldn’t find it. Heartbreaking.

    I am also going to search the Amnesty Int’l files to see what I can find there. I’ll let you know. Thanks for the visit.

  2. Jorge Says:

    … One less CIA-paid Gusano :o)

  3. ALPIKAT Says:

    Orlando Zapata Tamayo…otra Espada Candente Forjada con el mismo Acero de nuestro Titan de Bronce…Jamas Morira’
    al contrario, Vivira’ para Siempre como todos los Otros antes de El.

  4. Venceremos! Says:

    … one less gusano to infest the island.

    Viva Fidel !

    • bjohns15 Says:

      Mira, Venceremos. You are the worm. Fidel will be dead soon, as well as his brother. And they will be remembered as Murderous frauds. You, on the other hand, will be remembered as a crass, ideologically defunct coward.

  5. Saffron Says:

    Nice blog bjohns15.
    RIP Orlando.

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