Hate on Long Island: a personal encounter


Today, driving home, I saw protesters with signs saying, “Deport Illegals”, “Stop paying healthcare for illegals, and “Tom Bishop:” enforce our immigration laws”. I became instantly angry, punching my steering wheel. I then formulated a plan and executed it. I went to the convenience store, bought a posterboard and marker and wrote the following: “Amnesty Now!” and below, “Stop the Hate!”. After my handiwork was done, I went to the protest spot and walked over to the anti-immigrants, holding my sign up high.

I was not welcome; they surrounded me, telling me that I had to leave. I responded that I had as much of a right to be there as they did. Their next step was to try to block my sign. As I moved to make my sign visible, the anti-immigrants blocked my way. As a result, I bumped into them and their response was: “don’t hit me”. It was a heated moment. Violence was around the corner, and not on my part. A woman amongst them saw the situation unraveling and told them to leave me alone.

No longer surrounded and physically threatened, the anti-immigrants unleashed a two-hour long tirade of personal insults.The following is a sample of what they called me:

“You don’t have a green card; you have illegals in your home; you live in a cave with your mother; your shoe is untied, do you need your mother to do it for you(several times); do you live in a group home?”; you are a big doofus; and you don’t pay taxes or have a job. Perhaps the most revealing insult was this: “We should reinstate the draft to get rid of young ones like this one.” They hated what I stood for so much that they implied death for me. One of them also threatened to slap me in the face.

Their message is not, truly, anti-immigrant. It is one of hate. This upcoming Saturday, I plan on returning to confront their message of hate. If anyone would like to join me, please email me here: bjohns15@pride.hofstra.edu.


2 Responses to “Hate on Long Island: a personal encounter”

  1. Rey Lopez-Calderon Says:

    I have already told you privately, but I want to say it again–dude, be careful. That crowd is not the kind you can influence.

    That said, I kind of like the John Oliver (Daily Show) way of going after these guys to make an ironic point. Maybe you could get someone else to do something more like that, tape it, and then maybe you could court a beat-down again (w/o, of course, triggering the fighting words doctrine) and tape that too. It could be fun, but I’m not sure what ultimate impact you are looking for.

    If in doubt, see my post at CP today on how NOT to organize the community…LOL

  2. Tea Party Part Deux « Life Through the Lens of Bryan Says:

    […] Party Part Deux By bjohns15 Two weeks ago, I wrote about my encounter with the tea party. Today, I made a second stand as a lone protester with the same sign as before. This time, Long […]

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