Hate is Alive and Kicking: a Condemnation of American Patrol


Human hearts are so easily blackened.

One would think the horrors of of the 20th century would have sealed off the evil compartments in our hearts, yet that is clearly not the case.

The Spark

Long Island Wins published an article February 5th which covered tea party leader Judson Phillips’ proposed solution on what to do with “illegal” immigrants.

I know the solution. Take a plane load of them and dump them in Somalia. Make no secret of it and tell the illegals, everytime we catch them, that is where they are going. 99% of them will head back to the border on their own

Aside from this “solution” being utterly impossible, it is also a frighteningly small millimeter away from declaring that the “crime” of unauthorized entry into the United States should be punished with not just deportation but also death. The holocaust springs into my mind at reading Judsons’ disgusting “solution”. But it gets worse.

The Doors to Hate Open

American Patrol, a self proclaimed anti-illegal immigration group(though in reality groups such as AP want to lower legal immigration capacity and are thus really just anti-immigrant), linked to the Judson article on Long Island Wins, which caused the American Patrol readers to dump a deluge of hate into the comments section. Try not to hurt yourself from severe cringing:

“Well I say loadem up in a plane and take them halfway to Somalia..drop’em in the ocean from 35000 ft…”

“Mexicans belong in Mexico. That’s why they’re called beaners.”

“Illegals include millions of violent criminals and people with the new incurable TB, leprosy, and all kinds of deadly diseases…They need to be dropped off, if not Somalia, how about Tierra del Fuego!”

“Illegal aliens are NOT immigrants. Illegal aliens are lawbreakers and criminals.”

The first comment unequivocally advocates the execution(murder)of over 12 million individuals for the crime of unauthorized entry. Although the other comments don’t overtly call  for murder, the dehumanization is disturbingly apparent; for example, stating that illegal aliens are not immigrants but just lawbreakers and criminals is simply another way of extracting the human aspect of “illegal aliens” so that subsequent “wrong” actions can committed against them.

Every “American Patrol” commentator on that post engaged in the innuendo of genocide. This is concretely dangerous, and morally repugnant to anyone with a shred of decency. Glenn Spencer, the leader of American Patrol,  by not expressly condemning the comments of his followers fertilizes the seeds of hatred and is personally accountable for any hate crimes that “illegal aliens” are victims of in all the 50 states of America.

Please e-mail Glenn Spencer at Glenn@AmericanPatrol.com asking him to officially condemn the comments that were posted on LIwins.


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