Shameless: the ultimate political exploitation of Haiti’s tragedy.


We have seen how both Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson have shamelessly exploited the tragedy in Haiti for their personal politics.(Rush did it to hate on Obama; Robertson to, well, who really knows).

But Hugo Chavez, never to be outdone in commenting with the highest degree of scandalousness, outdid both Rush and Pat with this lovely gem:

The State Channel Vive released a piece which maintains that “a report done by the North Russian Fleet indicates that the earthquake that devastated Haiti was the clear result of a test of Earthquake weapons done by the United States Navy”. (Link has original Spanish)

Let that sink in for a moment. The United States has earthquake weapons and our testing of them caused the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Lest any of you lend credence to Senor Chavez, do a quick google search of tectonic plates and note that Haiti is located at the convergence of the North American and Caribbean Plates. Common sense has no place in Chavez’s vocabulary

Him and his state media brethren didn’t leave it at this plain cause and effect conspiracy; they read into it, stating:

What Haiti represents is a key geographic position in the Caribbean, in the context of a Latin America that is taking steps to recuperate its sovereignty that hasn’t taken place since the Wars of Independence.”(Link has original Spanish)

The preposterousness continues:

Haiti is furthermore one of the poorest countries of the world, treated  by the U.S. and powers in Europe as an experimentation ground. Of the Empire, anything is possible. (Link has original Spanish)

Putting this allegation into context, the U.S. government would, apparently, be willing to test out weapons at the cost of hundreds of thousands of  Haitians’ lives and untold amounts of aid money to help Haiti recover from the earthquake.

But, even buying the Chavez’s version(I swear, some probably believe it), of the big-bad-yankee Imperialism, Haiti is not even that much of a geographical key in the Caribbean. The U.S. is located very close to the Caribbean; they wouldn’t need Haiti to stage any attacks against Latin America!

I will give these hooligans(Rush, Hugo, and Robertson) some credit. Even if we cringe at what they say and do, they  provide for scintillating political entertainment. Unfortunately, here, it is at the expense of a terrible tragedy.


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