FARC Resurfaces


Just this past month, the governor of the Colombian state of Caqueta, Luis Francisco Cuellar, was abducted and murdered shortly thereafter.

His body was found nearby a burnt-out vehicle, with a slashed throat and several bullet wounds in his body.

This appears to be the highest profile abduction carried out by rebel armed forces in Colombia since the 2002 kidnapping of then presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt.

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe is none to happy and one can easily see why:  In 1983, Uribe’s own father was killed in an botched kidnapping attempt. Since 2002, when Uribe took power, there has been a marked decrease in the volume of abductions. Let us hope that the gruesome murder of Mr. Cuellar is not the sign of a resurgent FARC.


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