A Dubious Arrest


The harbormaster of East Hampton, Long Island, Don Bousson (photo above), was arrested Monday night for possession of half a pound of Marijuana.

Allegedly, an anonymous tipster in Florida called crime stoppers claiming that Bousson had a large quantity of Marijuana in his car. Once the East Hampton police got wind of the tip, they set up a roadblock specifically designed to stop Mr. Bousson. It sounds like Mr. Bousson’s 4th amendment right to be free from an unreasonable search may have been violated, though there are not enough facts to say for sure. That aside, Mr. Bousson’s offense is one example of why marijuana use should either be A)  legal or B) decriminalized.

In Newsday, the article states that it appeared the marijuana was for personal use. It also states that Mr. Bousson has worked for the Town of East Hampton for 21 years. Mr. Bousson’s personal use of marijuana is just that–personal. Up until this arrest, Mr. Bousson had never been charged with a crime in his life. His smoking of weed, apparently, did not  affect how he performed as the town’s Harbormaster.

What does the public gain from this senseless arrest? Nothing. In fact, the public loses a competent town employee and money(court costs, etc.)



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