Ideological Ignorance: clear but ignored.


Sorry, John, I’m using you as the principle case study.

As many may know, this summer there was a military-enforced ousting of then-president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya. I do not know enough about the individual circumstances comment substantively on whether it was justified or not. What is true is that many people, rightfully so, were concerned with the undemocratic manner in which this changing of power was taken out. Moreover, anyone with a right mind should have been concerned about Honduras’ interim government’s suspension of civil liberties for 45 days. However, many people, including my friend John, that damned the Honduran government for suspending civil liberties at the same time analyze Cuba without damning the over 50 years of suspension of civil liberties that has been done there.
What it comes down to is selective outrage: i.e. if the individual/nation has the same ideology as yourself, but engages in the same dastardly activity of the opposite ideology, that individual will only choose to be outraged at its opponent’s ideology. This selective outrage is unacceptable because it delegtimizing genuine debate and, perhaps more unfortunately, making a mockery out of Human Rights. Human rights should not fall victim to personal dogmatic ideologies.

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