On December 7th, there were sizable student protests(estimates of 20,000 throughout Iran) against the current leadership of Iran(President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.) Taking a peek into what the Iranian Leadership is responsible for will lead most to the conclusion that a change of government in Iran is not only justified, but necessary for Iranians to live with basic human decency.

Here are some excerpts from Iran’s penal code:

Article 82(3)

Adultery between a non-Muslim man and a Muslim woman, in which case the adulterer (non-Muslim man)
shall receive the death penalty

Article 108: Sodomy is sexual intercourse with a male.

Article 110: Punishment for sodomy is killing; the Sharia judge decides on how to carry out the killing

Yes, the reason Iran has no homosexuals(at least Male ones) is because they are exterminated.

Article 638- Anyone who explicitly violates any religious taboo in public beside being punished for the act
should also be imprisoned from ten days to two months, or should be flogged (74 lashes).
Note- women who appear in public without a proper hijab should be imprisoned from ten days to two months or
pay a fine of 50,000 to 500,000 Ryal.

Article 514- Anyone who somehow insults the founder of Islamic Republic of Iran – Khomeini, or the Supreme
Leader of the country should be sentenced to imprisonment from six months to two years.

Had enough? Well, it needs to be put into context, so let us see these laws in action!

“In December of 2008, two men convicted of adultery were stoned to death.” (Washington Post)

“Iran’s execution of two men last week for homosexual conduct highlights a pattern of persecution of gay men…”(Human Rights Watch, 2006)

“In December of 2008, Omid Reza Mir Sayafi, an Iranian blogger and journalist, was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison because he allegedly “insulted religious leaders and engaged in propaganda against the Islamic Republic”. In March of 2009, Mr. Sayafi died in Evin Prison, where he was being held.” (Globalvoicesonline)


One always must question a law that imposes punishment for “somehow insulting the supreme leader” of a country. This kind of law is highly suspect because of the 100% self-servingness of it. (i.e. to establish the firmest of grips on the country’s reins of power) Iran’s leadership is an example of human evil unbridled. The Supreme Leader of Iran, last time I checked, appears to be nothing more than a homosapien. :

So, as a simple homosapien, who is this man to impose his interpretation, or anothers’ interpretation(prophet Muhammad, whoever it may be) of what God says, and then mete out execution as punishment for doing something that violates man’s interpretation of it. The only answer to this question is that this man, and his conspirators(i.e. Iran’s government) are real-life manifestations of humans allowing evil to conquer. Does this sound too vague? It’s not. Once a human ignores the fact of what they are–flawed beings–that human opens up the proverbial door to committing atrocities. And Iran’s government has committed atrocities and will continue to do so until the student protesters, along with other reformers, can remove the blight of which the current leadership is.

Any other thoughts? Admittedly, the last paragraph needs further explaining, but I don’t have the requisite knowledge in the philosophy of human evil.


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