Affliction Designer Clothing Should be Illegal.


You have probably seen cool people wearing this “affliction” brand clothing. Their clothing has skulls, crosses, and a lot of generally dark themed things. But the irony of who wears the clothing–well-to-do westerners–and the definition of “affliction”, makes me cringe in disgust at the culture I inhabit. We shall start with the definition of affliction,

“A state of pain, distress, or grief” or “a cause of mental or bodily pain, as sickness, loss, calamity, or persecution”
The definition does not fire up pleasant images in your head, does it? No, that’s because it is a word designed to describe suffering, not fashion. Let us make a leap. Do you think that people in the U.S. and Europe wear clothing that clearly portrays suffering so that they can get a piece of what is lacking in their lives? I would venture a yes. Since there is no real suffering or pain, it is cool to superficially show it on one’s clothing. Anyone that wears this brand of clothing should cease to do so immediately so that they can avoid my labeling them as a mongoloid idiot.
On another note, the trivializing of a very serious noun is an insult to anyone that is currently in a real state of affliction(i.e. millions upon millions as we speak). If you feel the same outrage as I do, write the company a letter describing your disgust for them as human beings. Good Night.


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