A Gay ‘ol Time: the total baselessness of marriage preservationists


As a preface, I’d like to say that the gay marriage issue is of particular interest to me because of those that oppose it: their arguments are completely without merit and it boggles my mind that highly respected individuals will adhere to such, well, bullshit. This entry will dissect and subsequently decimate an op-ed I read in the Boston Globe: Wedded to vitriol, backers of gay marriage stumble by Jeff Jacoby.

The main point of this article is that calling the anti-gay marriage peoples’ vote abolishing gay marriage in Maine a display of bigotry, ignorance, and hate is unhelpful in obtaining gay marriage. Instead, Jacoby proffers:

“Wouldn’t it make more sense to concede that thoughtful voters can have reasonable concerns about gay marriage, concerns that will not be allayed by describing those voters as contemptible troglodytes?”

So, in essence, Jacoby suggests that if gay-marriage advocates play nice with those that oppose their right to marriage, they will then have a better chance of eventually obtaining what they want, the right to marry. This would make some sense, if it weren’t for Jacoby’s stance on gay marriage: ”

“I oppose same-sex marriage for reasons previous columns have explored. I think it would be reckless to jettison the understanding, as old as civilization itself, that society has a deep interest in promoting families anchored by a married man and woman.”

Umm, I get the feeling that Jacoby and his ilk will be against gay marriage regardless of gay etiquette This article is just about Jacoby asking gay-marriage advocates to not call him an ignorant bigot. Ha.

Shall I go on to expose the further ignorant bigotry deep within Jacoby’s heart? Ok, I shall.

The lack of substance to his argument is glaring when Jacoby denies gay marriage as a civil rights issue:

“I don’t regard the redefinition of marriage as a civil rights issue; nor do I buy the argument that laws barring same-sex marriage are comparable to the laws that once barred interracial marriage.”

This is conclusory at best; and what he wrote in a former article to try to separate the issue from civil-rights exposes even more the baselessness than just making a conclusory statement!:

The civil rights movement for which he(Martin Luther King jr.) lived and died was grounded in a fundamental truth: All God’s children are created equal. The same-sex marriage movement, by contrast, is grounded in the denial of a fundamental truth: The Creator who made us equal made us male and female.

First off, The civil rights movement was not grounded in the fact that “God’s” children are created equal. It was about human beings being equal, sans the God. Moreover, I must have missed God’s memo defining his creation of us as a male and female as a fundamental truth. And, if this “creation” was a fundamental truth, it says nothing about males and females marrying only males and females. I think this could be solved by a direct phone-line to God, so that this whole holy book interpretation is rendered moot. Therefore, pending a God hotline, Jacoby’s argument is found to be baseless.

If anyone delved objectively into these comparisons, they would inevitably come to the following conclusion: THEY DO COMPARE.( I will substantiate this comparison with a later entry) And if Jacoby had to acknowledge the comparison as legitimate, his farce of an argument would come crashing down.(People that have found them comparable are not just “vitriolic” LGTB activists: The Iowa, Connecticut, Massachussets and California Supreme Courts have found bans against gay marriage unconstitutional. See Iowa’s decision for a flawless equal protection analysis)

Mr. Jacoby makes more conclusory, baseless arguments:

“I believe that timeless moral standards must not be casually overturned and that doing so is apt to have unintended and unfortunate consequences. And I am sure that legalizing same-sex wedlock would fuel demands for further radical change – legalizing plural marriage, for example.”

Mr. Jacoby doesn’t mention what these terrible unintended and unfortunate consequences are. I’d like to know, because I don’t see any. He does mention that he is sure that gay-marriage would fuel demands for further radical change, like legalizing plural marriage. What is this guy, a prophet? No one, not even the holy Pope, can be sure what unfolds in the future. Even if he was sure that it would lead to demands, who can say that these demands would get anywhere? Oh, the speculativeness is KILLING me. He also doesn’t mention any potential benefits.(There are many, like Catering halls making more money from a sudden increase in marriages). The best that Jacoby can muster is a flagrant red-herring. If anyone can provide a substantive counter-argument(i.e. legally speaking or grounded in empirical studies, I welcome it)

This is not about morals, it is about what rights individuals are entitled to under the U.S. Constitution. If voters of the United States continue to deny a segment of our citizenry a right that the majority enjoy, gay-marriage advocates have no choice but to bring the argument to the Supreme Court of the United States. And to make LGBTers feel better about being discriminated against, I see nothing wrong with a little venting in the form of so-called “vitriole”(even though it’s accurate) Despite what the haters say, gay-marriage bans are frightfully analogous to bans on interracial marriage and this lays the foundation for an argument to be successful at the highest level the U.S. provides.

The next entry will create a laymen’s account of the Iowa Supreme Court decision that will solidify, make air-tight, in fact, the fact that gay-marriage bans violate the equal protection clause and are therefore illegal.


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