An Interesting Book.


Currently, I am reading The Given Day by Daniel Lehane. It is set right after World War 1, focusing, in part, on the birth of the Union Movement. It appears to be well-researched, and it has brought to life a time, I suspect, many Americans do have no knowledge of except for vague snippets remembered from an insufficient U.S. History class.

Many Americans, both old and young, have forgotten the past. This is dangerous and I will proffer a concrete example which I gleaned from reading The Given Day.
When most of us(the majority of American) answer the question of our ancestry, we say: “Irish, Italian, Polish, or some other European country”. Today, immigrants are principally of a darker skin tone from south of the border. Today, many Americans against current immigration will distinguish their ancestors from Hispanics by saying the former came here legally and the latter all come illegally. “Get to the back of the line like we did”, they will say. However, many of our European ancestors came here illegally as well. But, without any knowledge of the past, people persist in their misinformed opinions. Alas, people are dumb.

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