Blue Glimmer


The pristine, dark blue water on Lake Titicaca rippled with the remnants of the sun’s light. As the sun sunk below the horizon, the sky melded into a mesmerizing purplish blue. And then complete, total blackness fell upon me. I was effectively alone on an Island in Lake Titicaca, Peru–the highest freshwater lake in the world with an elevation over 12,000 feet.

To get there, I bought passage on a rickety one-motor boat which brought me and other tourists(a slow 3 hour ride) to the Island in the middle of Lake Titicaca. The inhabitants of the Island were, and still are, indigenous farmers. Spanish was obviously not their first language and in the one day and night I spent there, I didn’t exchange more than simple pleasantries.
Upon arrival to the Island, a young teenage boy, about 15, brought me away from the rest of the group. I was the odd person out, and whoever organized the tour had to distribute the tourists as evenly as possible amongst the families living on the Island.
Being alone without any contact from a person that can relate to you is not pleasant. The human mind is not made to be isolated.
I couldn’t stay in the room at their house doing nothing, so I went the highest point on the island(the island itself was a big hill) and waited for the unforgettably beautiful sight of the sunset. It was discouraging to see the sun go; the blackness that followed(there was no electricity) and the thought of sitting in my room in this foreign place did not sit well with my psyche.
Instead of going back to the room in the family’s house, I walked to the town center, which was also cloaked in darkess, sat on some steps, took out my book and flashlight, and sat there reading. Not a soul was there. It was surreal and creepy. I eventually went back to my lodging, falling into the unconsciousness of the night.
In the morning, I was glad to leave that island. It was beautiful, yes, but unsettlingly alien.
There was no point to this entry; it is just a recollection of an event in my life.

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