Cuban Justice


Panfilo( Juan Carlos González Marcos) is a Cuban man, living in Cuba. In a word, he is a drunkard. Well, maybe he was, because he was just sentenced to two years in jail for “pre-criminal dangerousness” and alcohol might be hard to come by in prison.

The origin of these charges came from a video of Panfilo yelling “lo que nos falta es jama”, which means “what we need is food”. Here is the video

Aside from being loud and boisterious(he was just yelling), Panfilo did nothing wrong but speak his mind. It certainly doesn’t warrant being locked up for two years. Apparently, it is taboo in Cuba for a person to openly criticize the government for something as simple as a basic request for food.

Yoani Sanchez, at, noted the reasoning behind Panfilo’s harsh punishment for an act that requires no retribution(ok, maybe a parent can smack their kid on the hiney if they demand food too loudly) The only people in Cuba that have the gall to publicly blurt out insults towards the government are drunks, because no one else in their right mind would risk jailtime for a futile protest. Therefore, Cuba’s gov’t thought it prudent to set an example to all future drunkards who may say in public: “I’m Hungry”.

Of course, this doesn’t explain why bloggers like Yoani Sanchez are not locked up. I’ll take a stab at it: the blogger movement is internationally connected and well-known in many Cuban circles. An overt action against the bloggers would potentially cause great unrest within Cuba. On the other hand, who cares about a common drunk?

Nevertheless, the imprisonment of Panfilo could be a bad decision; the youtube video has already racked up over 350,000 hits and this could cause many in Cuba to support the unfortuante Panfilo. But probably not.

A lot of Americans who reside on the far-left end of the political spectrum genuinely believe that Raul and Fidel are misunderstood men who try their best to help out the Cuban people. Socialist/capitalist arguments aside, the Cuban government–in Panfilo’s case–directly hurt a Cuban citizen( by putting him behind bars for two years) for what? Ideological bullshit.


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