The Discomfort of Mourning.


Michael Jackson died. Big deal. He was a great singer/performer. Why should I, or anyone else for that matter, mourn his death more than others’? Kate told me one explanation: “He directly affected so many peoples’ lives and therefore–unlike I who have not directly affected many–more people mourn.” That may explain it but it doesn’t justify it. There are more important, significant lives that perish every day without so much of a blip on the news headlines. These lives are largely ignored because it is inconvenient to remember them. Who wants to think about inglorious, painful deaths that nevertheless deserve everyone’s attention? Obviously, Americans do not.

When a U.S. soldier dies in Iraq, the most fanfare that results is a news special from the local paper of the soldier’s hometown. CNN, Fox, and MSNBC do not wait outside the morgue like starving coyotes waiting to find out the autopsy results, like they did for dear Michael. Instead, one will only see the moving letters at the bottom of the screen: “four U.S. servicemen killed in roadside bombing”. Another soldier dead, another American at home who doesn’t give a shit.” Too many Americans are wrapped up nicely in the cocoons of their pop-culture happy go lucky lives to discern the difference between what matters and what does not. Michael Jackson’s death means nothing in the current world. Our troops’ lives and many others(for I just used the soldier thing as a concrete example), mean much more and it is about time and similarly related sites get banned for helping plunge America into the abyss of dumb dumb land.


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